Libec HFMP – a New Video Monopod That Stands on Its Own

The Libec HFMP, short for Hands Free Monopod, was presented at IBC 2016, featuring a locking footswitch to control the freedom of movement and make this innovative video monopod stand on its own.

The Libec HFMP Hands Free Monopod has a clip-in and sliding plate, with a video head that can take a payload of up to 4kg. It has a fluid head for smooth panning movements and can extend quite high too.

The killer feature of the monopod is the locking switch that allows free swivel movement, but which can also be locked to make the tripod “hands free”.

Libec had only a pre-production model on the show floor, so there aren’t many details about the Libec HFMP video monopod yet, but we know it will be released and available to purchase at the time of NAB 2017. We’ll keep you posted with any updates as they come.


cinema5D at NAB 2016
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