Libec HFMP – a New Video Monopod That Stands on Its Own

The Libec HFMP, short for Hands Free Monopod, was presented at IBC 2016, featuring a locking footswitch to control the freedom of movement and make this innovative video monopod stand on its own.

The Libec HFMP Hands Free Monopod has a clip-in and sliding plate, with a video head that can take a payload of up to 4kg. It has a fluid head for smooth panning movements and can extend quite high too.

The killer feature of the monopod is the locking switch that allows free swivel movement, but which can also be locked to make the tripod “hands free”.

Libec had only a pre-production model on the show floor, so there aren’t many details about the Libec HFMP video monopod yet, but we know it will be released and available to purchase at the time of NAB 2017. We’ll keep you posted with any updates as they come.


cinema5D at NAB 2016
Hedge F&V B&H Tilta Blackmagic Design

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Francesco Vito Longo September 14, 2016

Not really unique.

Really recommend! Used with a Red Epic too…

Jesse Lee Reply
Jesse Lee September 14, 2016

Benro had this for a while now…

Ville Kopakkala Reply
Ville Kopakkala September 14, 2016

And Sirui.

Sean Conley Reply
Sean Conley September 14, 2016

Sirui doesn’t include a head and. the Benro version doesn’t have a locking switch to my knowledge. Is there one you guys would recommend? I don’t want to have to wait until April to get this.

Adrian Outlaw Reply
Adrian Outlaw September 14, 2016

I have the sirui and it’s actually a pain to use. If you want to lock it you have to stop shooting to bend down and lock it. If it’s locked and you want more movement the same problem. This would be a game changer for a wedding videographer.

Konstantin Zettiness September 26, 2016

Benro and Sirui has a locking switch? Which models?

I have been waiting for the lockable Manfrotto fluid base for ages, they promised it to be out in July but as of now it’s still unavailable.. Been holding out to replace my aged 560B just because of this.

Walter Leitner Reply
Walter Leitner September 14, 2016

Das ist eine gute Idee. Endlich !!! Gruß Paps …

Mike Silverman Reply
Mike Silverman September 14, 2016

That release switch near your foot looks is a prefect way to watch your camera take a nose dive.

Valovics László Reply
Valovics László September 14, 2016

How much will be the price ?

Steve MacDonald Reply
Steve MacDonald September 15, 2016

Pretty cool product, but I doubt it will de-throne the Manfrotto monopod. The locking mechanism is a nice feature, but if I were Libec, I would have it pan from the bottom of the stick, just like the manfrotto, which is why I think it’s the king of monopods. I agree with the other posts regarding the Sirui, although a very nice build quality, it is frustrating to use. The twist locking collars are slow, and flat out a PITA to lock and unlock.

Konstantin Zettiness September 26, 2016

How is the Libec not panning at the base? It seems to be, just like Manfrotto. Which actually had announced a similar locking base which should have been out in July but still isn’t.

Steve MacDonald Reply
Steve MacDonald September 26, 2016

At :58 that lower right locking knob, below the tilt lock, would indicate that head pans, otherwise there would be no use for that lock!

Konstantin Zettiness September 26, 2016

Not sure what you mean.. Of course, the head pans — Manfrotto monopod has a panning head as well, at least ones I worked with. It pans both at the head and at the base. If you want to use the base only, you can always ditch the head and use just a QR shoe.

My only problem with the Manfrotto right now is that if I want to use it for smooth moves, I will have it loose at the base, which makes impossible to do steady level pans. On the other hand, if I make it sturdy at the base, the smoothness is lost, it skips and jumps. A lockable base would solve this problem.

Steve MacDonald Reply
Steve MacDonald September 27, 2016

I have an older model that the head is fixed and it pans from the base, period. Of course, you could replace that with a pannable head, but I personally don’t see the point of it panning from both the head and the base. Exactly, if you can’t lock the bottom, which at present you can’t, having it pan from the head isn’t favorable. I can do very smooth pans with mine!

Konstantin Zettiness September 27, 2016

OK, I see.. of course there isn’t point panning from both, if only you can switch them on and off and choose which to use.