With this Libec AP-X Tripod Adapter Swapping Gear Becomes a Snap

Gimbal! Slider! Tripod! Yes, we want it all and if time matters to you, this little device might help speeding up your workflow. Johnnie Behiri met with Tsai-cheng “Makoto” Hsu at InterBEE 2017 to learn all about the new Libec AP-X tripod adapter.

Libec AP-XIn today’s busy world it’s quite common to use all kinds of fancy gear. A gimbal shot here, a sliding shot there, don’t forget the tripod in order to pull off that main interview and back on a gimbal. Swapping the camera from one device to another is part of your daily routine. How about doing it faster and in a more convenient way? In comes the Libec AP-X tripod adapter.

Libec AP-X Tripod Adapter

The concept of this tripod adapter base/plate combo is not new, but the Libec AP-X refines the well-proven system in some clever ways, resulting in a pretty universal solution that has the potential of 1) speeding up your workflow on set and 2) doing the gear dance in a much more convenient way.

Libec AP-X

The included adapter plate doesn’t need to slide into the AP-X base. Instead, you simply put the camera with the attached plate on the Libec AP-X at an angle and then clamp the plate in place. Turning the knob on the side will securely fasten down the camera. Just reverse these steps and the camera is free to be mounted onto the next device. Again, no obstructive sliding mechanism involved. Just put the camera in place and secure it with the quarter turn of that knob. Easy.

Multiple Mounts

Versatility – a buzzword in our industry, and in the case of the Libec AP-X the use of this word is actually very appropriate. You can use the base section of the AP-X on each and every device you might use on set and it will accomodate not only its own, but also Manfrotto and Sachtler (ACE models) branded camera plates with ease. Swapping a camera from device to device becomes very straightforward that way.

Libec AP-X

The unit itself is machined from aluminum so it won’t be the most lightweight part of your kit, but as Tsai-cheng “Makoto” Hsu points out, the Libec AP-X will be the sole connection between your valuable camera and your equipment. You don’t want that connection to be a weak one, do you?

For extra convenience, you can find a spare 3/8″ screw on the side of the base unit. Once unscrewed, you can use that extra mount for any accessory you might need.

Pricing and Availability

The Libec AP-X tripod adapter will sell for ¥9.000 (around $80) and will become available this December. The international version of Libec’s website hasn’t been updated yet, so you have to make do with the Japanese version of the site for now, unfortunately.

link: Libec.co.jp

Might this device be of any help for your daily routine on set? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below!

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Uroš Žuraj

Something Kessler Crane has done years ago and with smaller profile, specially for gimbals now.

Pedro Hofmann

right, but I guess just with their baseplates. Maybe I am wrong here but it just makes sense if you can use it with the most common plates like Manfrotto or Sachtler. I just installed a Manfrotto base for my new gimbal, because it sucks always changing between tripod and gimbal if you change. Time is key

Uroš Žuraj

yeah, just commenting on their “new feature” that other plates dont have :D


Pedro Hofmann Kessler is using the Arca Swiss standard too – which is quite commonplace. It’s not “their” standard.

George Atanassov

Arca Swiss is a very loose standard. Be vary careful when expecting compatibility with non adjustable clamp on Arca adapters = Kessler’s. I do have the Kessler Kwik adapter but it does not work with all Arca type plates. For instance it does not work with Sirui or Manfrotto Arca plates I have. It does however work with Zacuto and RRS plates. In general making a non adjustable clamp adapter is silly. A DVL-50 would be good example of such rare design (link bellow). However it is not in the same league as Kessler when it comes to stability or… Read more »

Pedro Hofmann

cinema5D ahh… ok. so you could use a manfrotto plate there?


Pedro Hofmann no – an Arca Swiss plate. That’s an existing standard too. Many others use it too. Zacuto, for example