Letus Helix Jr. – a much more unique gimbal product – NAB 2015

We talked to Hien Le, CEO of Letus, about their new gimbal stabilizer, the Letus Helix Jr. The Letus Helix was introduced last year and made for medium-sized cameras, e.g. C300 and Red Epic. The Helix Jr. takes the same concept and applies it to smaller cameras like the A7s or GH4.

It’s extremely refreshing to see a gimbal product that is different from the Freefly Systems MoVi concept in form factor – which is a concept that many, many other manufacturers copied and sell on the market under different names.

The Helix Jr. has a different form factor which is immediately obvious. It is a more compact design that allows you to bring the camera much closer to the body than the Freefly designs do. Also, the handles are on the side directly next to the camera, so you have a more intuitive operation of the device. A monitor can be mounted on top and there is a less jarring experience than on other systems where the monitor is usually mounted on the handle bar.


With the Helix Jr. it seems much easier to go from low to high angle in one take, which is almost impossible with the MoVi. Also, the length of the camera rig is much less of an issue.

The Helix Jr. can also be put down without a stand, which is a big plus in my book.

Last but not least it can also be used on a multicopter easily by detaching the handles.

The Helix Jr is currently shipping and you can order it at www.letus35.com for immediate delivery.

$2,998.95 exc. VATSpecial Order

Watch it on Vimeo

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Gerhard April 16, 2015

This system looks really nice! Regarding eyeline filming the DJI Ronin is also interesting (and unique) with their upright mode.

Atlas Camera Support Reply
Atlas Camera Support April 16, 2015


Jamie LeJeune April 17, 2015

I own one and the light weight, smaller size, and upright design are really fantastic. The caveat is that you can’t walk or run with it and expect to get the kind of steady shots you’d get with a Movi or Ronin. It’s simply so lightweight that it bounces up and down more when you move. It would be great if combined with a steadicam arm and vest for those uses.

Oscar Goldman Reply
Oscar Goldman April 18, 2015

That’s the reason for the increased up/down movement as compared to the Movi and Ronin, the weight?

Jamie LeJeune April 18, 2015

That’s what I think, yes. In my use of the Helix Jr. I’ve found it is just as good as the Ronin with left to right motion, but not as good with up and down motion. I’m not a trained engineer or physicist, nor an expert in building steadicams or electronic gimbals, but I do know the more mass something has the more energy it takes to make it move. It stands to reason that the insanely heavy mass of the Ronin helps keep it more stable relative to the lightweight Helix Jr., especially along the axis that all of these 3 axis gimbals have the least range of control: up and down as the operator walks or runs. This is why steadicams have an arm to provide 4th axis control. As they say, the best accessory you can buy for a small camera is a nice heavy brick to attach to the bottom. I think the same is true for gimbals. I still prefer the light weight of the Helix Jr., but if I knew a shoot was going to require running or walking fast along with an actor, I’d use a different tool or find some way to add 4th axis control to the Helix like an Easyrig or Steadicam arm.

Oscar Goldman Reply
Oscar Goldman April 19, 2015

OK, thanks.

Oscar Goldman Reply
Oscar Goldman April 18, 2015

At least he shows that this thing can handle the Epic and proper cine lens. It’s a bit tiresome to see these gimbals demonstrated with SLRs all the time. If I’m going to blow thousands of dollars on a stabilizer unit, it stands to reason that I might be using a real camera with real lenses. That means at least the BMPC, Red, or similar.

Brett Arndt Reply
Brett Arndt April 26, 2015

This spokes person will be the single handed reason why this product does not success. Hien Le, efforts to promote this product lack tremendously. To be frank, i was going to buy a Helix but after seeing all the pore informative videos given by the company i was driven away and now a happy DJI Ronin customer. Not to be harsh but a tip/positive peace of criticism that may in fact help the company success. It’s important to get someone who has good public speaking skills and will confidently promote your product. Best of luck.

Oscar Goldman Reply
Oscar Goldman April 27, 2015

That doesn’t make sense. If you’ve already discerned that the delivery of the marketing materials is what is bad (rather than the product itself), why would you reject the product?

Also: While your point may be valid, you should look into improving your own communication skills if you want to weigh in on those of others.