Leica Cine Macrolux – Give Your Lenses a New Look With These Macro Diopters

As Seth Emmons from Leica explains, the company has been hard at work not only developing cine lenses, but also other tools to add to your creative arsenal. The evidence of this are the Leica Cine Macrolux macro diopters. Read on for the full details.

Leica Cine Macrolux

Leica Cine Macrolux Macro Diopters

The new Leica Cine Macrolux macro diopters expand on the original 1X with additional powers of 2X and 0.5X, providing options of either more or less augmentation. With a 95mm front filter thread diameter, they fit all lenses in the Leica cine range, but also other lenses with this standard gauge, such as the ZEISS Ultraprimes or Master Anamorphics, without the need for any additional adapters.

But why would you want to throw one of these on your cine lens? The obvious answer is to achieve those extreme close ups often seen in tabletop-style shoots for product commercials.

The stackable nature of the Leica Cine Macrolux macro diopters also means that you can achieve that macro look on any focal length you want, rather than being limited to a single specific macro lens.

Organic focus fall off with Macrolux.

Another advantage is their use on wide-angle lenses to throw the background out of focus even when at narrower apertures — a use until  now somewhat limited by the evident chromatic aberration that other diopters cause on wide-angle lenses.

Pricing and Availability

Each of the Leica Cine Macrolux macro diopters will set you back $1,900, making them the some of the most affordable cine optics to sport the Leica name-tag. This is due partly to the reduced amount of glass they’ve used, which is nevertheless of the highest quality and features the same coating used on their cine lenses. Leica goes as far as to claim that there will be no evident Chromatic Aberration, even when stacking more diopters than you would probably need in real-life use.

The Leica Cine Macrolux macro diopters are available now. For more information see cw-sonderoptic.com

Will you be expanding your creative palette with these Leica Cine Macrolux macro diopters? Let us know in the comments below!

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