This Lightweight LED Softlight on a Pole Caught Our Eye – FlyBall by DOP Choice

Here is an interesting lighting solution that could just be the answer to many problems. The DOP Choice FlyBall is an LED Softlight on a pole for lightweight and mobile lighting.

Side_w4565465465456-e1411112313354__10747Softlights on a pole have been around for a while and are frequently used on film-sets to give actors a soft light, good for the skin, mobile and efficient with minimal setup time. It is also used to follow talents around a scene. The LED Softlight by DOP Choice and BB&S might just be an affordable alternative to more expensive common lantern softlights.

UnknownAs many of you know LED out of the box can look very ugly on the skin and one wonders why it has taken 3 years until softboxes for LED light sources come to the market. At IBC it looked like the time has finally come as manufacturers start producing softboxes and LED softlights.

DOP Choice is a company to look out for. They specialize in manufacturing softboxes for LED lights and have anything from the FlyBall and small 1×1 softboxes up to larger square and round options for LED lights (LINK).

BB&S presented the Flyer in combination with the DOP Choice FlyBall and a pole. The whole BB&S Flyer kit including a v-mount battery belt isn’t cheap at $2400, but more affordable in Europe where it can be found for around $1600 net.

The DOP Choice FlyBall can also be acquired separately and used as an LED softlight on other 1×1 LED lights. It is available in Europe and costs around $350. More info on availability in the US coming soon.

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