Larry Thorpe Announces Canon C300 mark II Dynamic Range Improvements

We’re here at NAB 2016 and ran into Canon’s technical mastermind Larry Thorpe who talked to us about an upcoming firmware update for the Canon C300 mark II, improving C300 mark II dynamic range and introducing C Log 3.


You might have read one of our articles on the Canon C300 mark II dynamic range. There has been a debate wether the advertised 15 stops can be considered a realistic claim or not and it was partly my fault for having caused that discussion with my lab test.

For us at cinema5D it is all about giving you, the readers a perspective when it comes to making an informed decision on cinema gear. That’s why we have started comparing cameras with equal standards and in comparison to the 14-stop Arri Alexa the C300 mark II dynamic range lacked behind, so we rated it lower.

It was nice for me to see that Canon’s Larry Thorpe is still open to talk about their technology with us and it is always a pleasure to meet him and talk about camera science. In particular he told us about a Canon C300 mark II firmware update they have planned for July 28th of 2016 and about his perspective of the future of 8K cinematography.

Canon C300 mark II firmware update

The firmware update will introduce C Log 3, a new Canon Log Gamma described as follows:

Canon Log 3 achieves a dynamic range of 1600% with 14 stops of dynamic range, and can be ideal for middle end users that have a limited budget for post-production, and need quick turnaround.

As Larry mentioned this will gives less dynamic range, but also give us a less noisy image.


On top of that Canon has also improved processing in the Canon C300 mark II which in turn should achieve a reduction in the dark noise levels in Canon Log 2 and also address the white streaking problem that we have found in our lab test.

There are several other improvements to the camera that also concern the C100 mark II and you can read all about them on HERE.

cinema5D at NAB 2016
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 Benjamin Hesselholdt Reply
Benjamin Hesselholdt April 19, 2016

As a c300 mark ii owner this great. One thing I miss is the functionality from c100 where you push the joystick and get acces to the iso and other stuff

Matt Williams April 28, 2016

I completely agree! It seems such a waste not to have pressing the joystick a function like it is on the C100. I’ve had to set the ‘magnification’ button on the handgrip to be a function button, but of course that makes accessing magnification more of a hassle. Seems crazy not to utilize pressing the joystick as a button option.

 Frank McKeown Reply
Frank McKeown April 28, 2016

+100 to this as well. I used this on my old c100 every shot. For the love of god canon add this option!

 KC Bassett Reply
KC Bassett April 20, 2016

Good PR Dude. He’s in a whole different league compared to most the people i see getting interviewed lol.

 Frank McKeown Reply
Frank McKeown April 20, 2016

Now if it was $12,000 as it should be we’d be taking.

Evan Shaw April 20, 2016

I say let’s have them make it 10,000 dollars and they sell a huge number of them. It has very good color science and very usable. I actually like the cinematic look better than Sony, which I am not criticizing at all. It would propel the competition which is healthy for us to keep the innovations coming.

Bradley Stonesifer April 20, 2016

4k60p is the only upgrade worth chatting about.

 Ian Hunter Reply
Ian Hunter April 20, 2016

I amuses me how we debate over the detail of an image that would have had people speechless in the 70s.

 David Hunter Reply
David Hunter April 21, 2016

What camera did you use to shoot this interview? Looks nice.

Steve Oakley Reply
Steve Oakley April 21, 2016

I think they have gotten an earful and then some on the camera’s noise problems… and try happy they can fix via firmware and are. There are a whole bunch of fixes.

BTW you can use the joystick to move L/R between settings like WB and ISO. Just hit the function button, or even if you hit ISO or shutter you can go L/R. Only problem is the highlighting times out a bit faster than I’d like. seems like its about 5 or 6 secs and then it unhighlights.