KIPON Autofocus Lens Adapters For Canon EF to FUJIFILM Mirrorless Cameras

At CP+ 2018 in Japan, Chinese manufacturer Kipon revealed three new autofocus lens adapters for FUJIFILM mirrorless cameras, which can accommodate a variety of Canon EF lenses. The KIPON Autofocus Lens Adapters are currently undergoing testing and fine tuning to work well with popular Canon lenses.

KIPON Autofocus Lens Adapters

KIPON Autofocus Lens Adapters

In the short interview above, I chose to skip the introduction of one of the adapters (Canon EF to FUJIFILM’s  GFX50S medium format camera) and concentrate on the other two which are made for cameras like FUJIFILM’s X-T2 and X-H1 (among others). These new KIPON Autofocus Lens Adapters come in two flavors: with and without an optical element. For me personally, out of the two, the latter is the more interesting as it acts as a focal reducer (à la Speedbooster), helping to reduce focal length and increase the lens speed by an average of a stop.

Kipon Baveyes EF-FX 0.7x

Prices for the new KIPON Autofocus Lens Adapters will be $298 and $450 respectively, and delivery is expected towards the end of March 2018.

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Danny Taillon

Hey Johnnie! Very nice find!
I’m guessing that this will let Canon EF lenses user also change aperture on bodies such as XPRO-2 and XT-2?
This would be great. I own a set of Milvus lenses EF mount and I’d love to use them on a X-pro2


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Toby Hoffman

Ben Howden Mason Fleming did either of u have a fuji still?


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