Kinotehnik PRACTILITE 602 – Powerful BI-Color Fresnel LED for $690 – NAB 2015

Kinotehnik started as a start-up company that manufactured loupes for video DSLR cameras. Their product was a hit and they went on to make electronic viewfinders. With the Kinotehnik PRACTILITE 602 they’re now entering the lighting market and this smartphone controlled LED looks both powerful and affordable.


The Kinotehnik Fresnel LED caught our eye, not only because the brand has a history among DSLR filmmakers, but also because it looks very interesting with its small size and powerful output.

The fresnel LED is bi-color to produce daylight and tungsten light temperatures and outputs an equivalent to a 600W tungsten lamp.

What is also interesting is that it can create a very parallel beam that can be flooded with an internal motor to accommodate soft boxes of different sizes.

It is compatible to a number of softbox brands and there will be different speedring options. Also Tonis said they plan on making a bigger model light with 4 times the output that would still be under $1000.

The lights can be controlled with a smartphone via a bluetooth connection. Several units can also be controlled in parallel.

The Kinotehnik PRACTILITE 602 will be available in July and run for $690 at the Kinotehnik website.