Kinefinity release KineRAW compressed RAW codec

China based camera manufacturer Kinefinity is known for their very affordable RAW shooting cameras that were released earlier this year. Now they introduced a new codec that improves storage space by 3x.

kinecolorKinefinity has created a lot of headlines for their very affordable 4K KineMINI camera and the 6K KineMAX that is to arrive next.

We notice that Kinefinity is still working on improving the camera firmware and eco system around it. The introduction of their proprietary KineRAW codec and the continued improvement of the internal color matrix is just another step in making their cameras more accessible to filmmakers.

Previously users could only record uncompressed DNG files in camera, the KineRAW codec promises a 3:1 compression without loss of quality.

The new codec will be available soon.

For more information check out their website:

image via newsshooter

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