Kessler and Bright Tangerine on the Knockoff Industry – ON THE GO – Episode 62

In this second half of our convertible ride with Eric from Kessler and Rob from Bright Tangerine we discuss the rise of the knockoff industry.

Bright Tangerine

Whether it is action cams, cranes, sliders, gimbals or any other camera accessory du jour, chances are there is a cheap alternative available from new and relatively unknown companies from the Far East. While this in theory should benefit the end user and help form a healthy and competitive market, the truth is that some of these products can rarely stand up to the quality standards set by established manufacturers.

As Rob rightly points out, companies like Bright Tangerine or Kessler can never compete with knockoff products at a pricing level when production costs are so much lower overseas. However, it is in customer service where more established companies can find the favour of potential buyers.

It often happens that products manufactured and shipping from the far East have a less than optimal after-sales infrastructure in place, making it very difficult for customers to return products for repair or replacement. One can really see the value of a company that places a lot of importance in customer care when situations like these arise.

Eric also mentions that it is quite common for the design teams of some of these competing companies to simply produce whatever kind of product seems popular, without really coming from a background in the industry or investing in the Research and Development necessary to innovate. This not only refers to capital, but also to time necessary to cultivate a the relationship with a customer base for the purposes of future design.

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 Shawn Convey

One thing you are not addressing is the fact that the tech is moving so so quickly and while your “BUY ONCE” analogy works well with suits or a credenza it utterly fails when your high priced equipment is outdated before you can earn back your investment. What all of the “higher priced” (non Asian) manufactures fail to recognize is that most of the people purchasing the “cheaper / Asian” versions are not high end pro’s who can actually earn a ROI quick enough on a Gimbal that will be outdated soon. Another thing where you are all failing is… Read more »

 John Williams
John Williams

How ridiculous this is. It totally not “buy one”. I’m that Asian guy people talking about, and I were in the opposite case: I bought a Kessler Slider and after a year it’s not working properly, not as smooth as it should be. and It was just impossible to send back to the factory and got fixed and waited for it to come back. So I left it to the backyard, forever. So what they are saying just apply to US, not half of the world away sorry.