An Introduction to the Canon EOS C700 Cinema Camera


The Canon EOS C700 was announced last month and raised a lot of interest, but also criticism among our readers. The new flagship model for Canon’s Cinema line was on display at IBC 2016 and we took the chance to take a closer look at the new camera.

A Closer Look at the Canon C700

Canon EOS C700

With the C700, Canon moved on to a different form factor for the first time in quite a while. The Canon EOS C700 is reminiscent of competitor cameras such as the Panasonic Varicam, Arri Amira or the Sony F55/F5, and its features and pricing clearly target it at the higher end of filmmaking.

Like with their C300 and C500 line, there will be separate EF and PL versions of the camera. Both are already available for pre-order at retailers:

EF Version
PL Version
Global Shutter Version

EF Version
PL Version
Global Shutter Version

The Canon EOS C700 camera offers internal 4K recording to CFast 2.0 cards at up to 59.94p in XF-AVC (10-bit 4K) and also in ProRes (even in 4K 10-bit 422HQ, or 2K in ProRes 4444 at 12 bit).

Sampling from a 4.5K sensor and using the optional, specifically-developed Codex CDX-36150 recorder, the Canon EOS C700 provides 120fps 4K RAW recording, which is probably its most mind-blowing feature. 4.5K RAW recording at up to 100fps is said to be coming at a later stage via a firmware upgrade.


To read the full set of features check out this extensive article: LINK

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Jonah Koplin

Michael Trevis new toy for the IMC?

Michael Trevis

Yes please.

David Straine

Kenneth Sands, how many mega pixels does it have? My phones got six, has it got more than that? I don’t think so!

 thrower thrower
thrower thrower

120 fps RAW is mind-blowing for 2016 30k camera? Really? Aside RED, there’s been Sony fs700 with odissey few years around for c700 viewfinder price (it does burst, but it’s enough for 80% percent of situations). Of course C700 delivers better picture But at what price? Is new c300 markII sensor is That Good in terms of color and DR to match Red & Alexa? Test didn’t show up it. Even cinema5Ds The only unique offering of c700 is global shutter, but Sony f65 had mechanic shutter (and brilliant 4K down sampled from 8K sensor) long ago. I really think… Read more »