Into the Wild part II – On the Go Ep. 43 – feat. Sachtler & Canon Ambassador Thorsten Milse

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We catch up with wildlife photographer extraordinaire, Sachtler and Canon Ambassador Thorsten Milse at Photokina 2016. In this episode we focus on the issues that have emerged with the democratisation of photography and video.

Thorsten Milse

A lot has been written and said about the digital revolution, and how that has advanced our industry. By putting cameras in so many people’s hands, a lot of talent out there is rising to the surface, and creative visions are coming to life at a rate that would have been unthinkable a couple of decades ago. But now that almost everyone holds a decent enough photo and video camera right in their pocket in the form of smartphones, how can this phenomenon affect the livelihood of seasoned professionals out there?

Thorsten Milse shares with us his opinion, as well as his experience with some less-than-scrupulous companies. Definitely a great chat with a great photographer. Thanks, Thorsten!

Please visit our sponsors’ websites to keep new episodes of ON THE GO coming! Thanks to Hedge for Mac,  G-TechnologyRøde MicrophonesSachtler and in association with Ford and Sony.


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 David Odell
David Odell

I really appreciate this dialog!

My concern is not that there are so many filmmakers that I have to compete against but, that most of them are trying to take images (still or video) that aims to look like every Hollywood production out there..
It would be much easier if more would look at where the come from (originality etc) and try to find something new, then there wouldn’t be so many films on the web because it would take so much more effort to just make one!