Insta360 Pro: Democratising 360 Video – ON THE GO – Episode 53

In this episode of cinema5D ON THE GO, we talk to Max Richter from Insta360, a company that aims to bring top-quality 360 video to the masses with their Insta360 Pro camera.

The Insta360 Pro is the company’s first foray into the professional 360 video market. Max explains the difference between the new Pro version of their camera compared to their earlier, more consumer-oriented Insta360 Nano and Air versions.

One look at the Insta360 Pro, though, will perhaps remind you of another big player in the 360 world: the Nokia OZO, which we covered in an earlier episode of our talkshow. As part of a company with a philosophy of democratising 360 video creation, Max tells us just how their product differs from the 37,500 OZO.

Insta360 Pro

Max also explains the various capabilities of the device, from its 4K, real-time live stitching, to its buffered 8K-capable Optical Flow system. Additionally, he introduces us to the Insta360 Pro software, which allows you to adjust the camera settings, as well as the live-streaming options.

We also discuss the tricky aspect of shooting 360 outdoors, a big challenge due to the wide dynamic range of daylight exteriors or difficult low-light conditions. How does the Insta360 Pro deal with these situations?

We ask Max what he thinks is the future of 360 video. As an up-and-coming company in the “Chinese Silicon Valley” that is Shenzhen — alongside the likes of already-established DJI — Insta360 may become a more familiar name in the near future.

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Max didn’t answer if there was some way or not to use low shutter speeds in sunny conditions. Also he was asked about how the camera deals with high contrast scenes (if it does or not an average reading for all the sensors or if each sensor does its own reading). The built-in stitching with that “optical-flow” feature seems very promising if works as advertised (That could take several hours on gopro rigs and the stitching is always visible -D.Warp should improve that-).