In-Depth Look at the GoPro HERO5 Black: Stabilized, Voice Control & More

GoPro has just announced their new action camera, the GoPro Hero5 Black. Although not totally revolutionary, there are a lot of very nice improvements, such as a waterproof construction, a touch display, voice control and GPS.

The GoPro HERO5 Black

Being the original action cam brand, GoPro has managed to improve this new model in terms of usability and ruggedness. It features a new waterproof construction (up to 33′ or 10m) which makes the optional housing of previous models obsolete. You will need some sort of cage in order to mount the camera, though.

GoPro Hero5 Black

GoPro Hero5 Black without the need of a waterproof housing!

The sensor seems to be the same as in the previous model, the Hero4 Black. So all in all, it’s more of an evolution than a revolution we’re witnessing here.

It has not one but three microphones built-in in order to be more efficient at reducing wind noise, as it automatically selects the best audio stream by switching between the three microphones.

A big step up in terms of usability is the new voice control capability of the GoPro Hero5 Black camera. It enables the user to remotely control the camera through a wide range of voice commands such as ‘GoPro, record!’ or ‘GoPro, switch on!’. You’ll need a special remote control for that, though, which is then connected to the camera wirelessly. If you’re not into voice control, maybe you’ll like the new one-button control system, which seems to makes controlling the camera super easy, without getting confused about which button does what. Even though the older models just had two buttons, I was getting confused all the time…

GoPro Hero5 Black

Another nice feature is the newly-introduced image stabilization, although it’s not optical but software driven.

Alongside the launch of the GoPro Hero5 Black, there is a whole new software ecosystem of GoPro services and cloud-enabled storage. The goal is to make it very easy for users to capture, edit and upload their footage right off their phone while being in the field.

The GoPro Hero5 Black will be available on October 2nd and it will be $399.99 and the also new GoPro Hero5 Session is set to $299.99.

cinema5D at Photokina 2016
Tilta Genustech Manfrotto Angelbird Blackmagic Design


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Garug Garuson September 20, 2016

What I would like to know how well does the HERO5 cameras work on 360 video applications. Do they support frame synch, how?

Johnnie Behiri September 20, 2016

Hi Garug.

Will try and find out tomorrow.

Garug Garuson September 20, 2016

Thanks Johnnie.

I am developing gimbals. If you get hold of GoPro 360 people, you could tip them that there is a pretty perfect gimbal for 360 videos existing

It has been tested also with bigger camera setups and is pretty perfect for GoPro Odyssey type setup.

Mose Agestam September 20, 2016

Not true IBIS!? What, that was sad..

Vas Michaelides Reply
Vas Michaelides September 20, 2016

Quick question if i can…what camera is being used to film the photokina reviews?

cinema5D Reply
cinema5D September 21, 2016

Sony a7SII with the Sony 28-235 Zoom lens.

Markus Magnon September 21, 2016

Casey Neistat has the GoPro Hero 5 allready.
You can see footage in his lates video at 6:50min:

Chris Lombardo Reply
Chris Lombardo September 21, 2016

I’d be happy if they could just extend the freakin’ battery life.

C.L. Rusin Reply
C.L. Rusin September 21, 2016

How does it compare to the new Garmin Ultra?

Joey Yao Reply
Joey Yao September 23, 2016

Seigfred It looks really solid tbh…