Hudson Spider – Unique Foldable LED Inside a Softbox

Developed by DoP Tim Hudson, the Hudson Spider is a soft bi-colour beauty light for cinematographers.

The Hudson Spider has LEDs designed by Light Gear, promising a high-quality light output across the 2600K to 6500K bi-colour range. It has been designed to hold a 3-foot diffuser providing a soft yet powerful light source, with a 400 watt output that can be used relatively close to the actors.

Hudson Spider

For portability, the unit folds down neatly, with the LED light brackets folding in and out between storage, transportation and setup. It is also compatible with existing Light Gear controllers, convenient for those that own or rent a controller regularly.

The power supply unit for the light is rather large for the 400 watt output, however a 200 watt power supply will become available that can take standard V-Lock and Anton Bauer batteries for a more portable solution.

Hudson Spider LED Softlight

In regards to pricing, a complete kit will be available for around $6000.00, which also includes a reflector, 1/2 grid diffuser, 1/4 grid diffuser and a ‘magic cloth’ for a very soft light source. The estimated availability time is in October, but this is not confirmed.

For a large, soft and bright light source, will you consider using the Hudson Spider for your next shoot? Let us know in the comments.