How to Land a Hollywood Film Deal – ON THE COUCH Ep. 22 part 1 of 2 – Haz Dullul

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In this latest episode of ON THE COUCH, visual effects whiz kid turned director Hasraf “Haz” Dullul talks about how he made his way into securing a feature film deal, after spending years working for visual effects companies in the post production department of various feature films.

He successfully created a number of short films that garnered a lot of attention online, most notably “Project Kronos” and his latest short film “SYNC”, both available on Vimeo. He talks about how he manages to create incredibly high production value with small budgets, and how his background in post production helps him “making effects look expensive” when they actually often aren’t.

Check back mid next week for the 2nd part of this episode, when we will see more behind the scenes on Haz’s short films and how he achieves his distinct look.

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