How to Fund Your Indie Film – with Rin and Graham Sheldon – ON THE GO – Episode 64

In this part of our chat, Graham Sheldon and his wife Rin explain the ins and outs of funding an indie film for international distribution.

Graham Sheldon

Producing a feature film is an enormous undertaking, with the process of finding the money to shoot it being one of the most exhausting aspects of the journey. If you are not backed by a studio, then its really down to you to get the necessary capital to make the project happen. But how to go about it?

Also, producer and DP Graham Sheldon explains the concept of foreign pre-sales with apples, oranges, pies and Meryl Streep, going in depth into how to finance your indie film for foreign distribution.

We also discuss ways in which you can cut costs, such as by offering equity or creative points to contributing parties, using your own gear, writing a script within realistic means and diversifying your skill set.

A fascinating and eye-opening discussion if you are ready to make the leap from no-budget filmmaking!

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