Hedge For Mac Enhanced, Introduces iOS Notification App and Hedge Checkpoint

Hedge For Mac is a powerful data transfer and backup application for Mac. The new 1.4 version is now available with transfer logs.

Making sure data is correctly copied and backed up is a hard task and requires lots of time. Hedge For Mac simplifies this process with an easy to use interface, and clearly defined information about whether there are errors and duplicate files. Check out our review of Hedge For Mac Here.

A task we all face is the time it takes to check that files have been copied from SD cards or drives, especially when shooting and backing up in separate locations. The upcoming Hedge For Mac iOS app will monitor data transfer, and send push notifications when tasks are completed or when errors occur. You’ll no longer have to run back and forth between a laptop and camera setup to check whether the footage has been offloaded successfully.


A new feature in the Mac app are transfer logs, which allow you to see specific information about the file transfer; where the files are located, when they were transferred and via what media. Hedge For Mac also hinted at the app recognizing camera types for even easier data transfer and file handling depending on the cameras workflow.

Hedge Checkpoint is another upcoming app that will allow you to compare existing folders on different drives, show you the differences and let you synchronise them accordingly. This saves time in tedious manual comparisons, a feature not dissimilar to the popular Carbon Copy Cloner.

The new app will be coming later this year for iPhone users, we’ll keep you updated on when it is released.

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