Hedge for Mac 1.3 – Checksum File Transfer as Fast as the Finder?

What is the one thing you don’t have when it comes to backing up your footage securely? That’s right, it’s time. You certainly don’t want to waste time staring at progress bars while doing checksum file transfer on set. That’s why the guys over at Hedge for Mac found a neat way to make things faster. A lot faster, actually. Their tool is now transferring files securely at the speed of the Finder.

Hedge for Mac 1.3 update

Remember the inital review on Hedge for Mac Nino did a couple of months ago? It turned out that the team behind Hedge for Mac have heard the concerns about their subscription model, and have introduced a one-time purchase model for $99 instead.

Now they have pushed things even further with the release of version 1.3 of their data transfer management software, which enables some pretty nice features such as fast lane transfers.

Free vs. paid version

A company has to increase sales somehow, which is why certain features are only available on the paid version of Hedge for Mac. The free version supports up to two simultaneous transfers, queuing  all other transfers automatically. After finishing 2 transfers, you are prompted to click a button to continue with the next 2 transfers.

However, the $99 premium 1.3 version is capable of doing some amazing things, namely fast lane transfers. This feature will speed up the checksum file transfer process by at least a factor of 2.5. So your verified transfers get as fast as a standard non-verified Finder copy/paste. I created a quick comparison for reference:


comparison between Finder, Hedge for Mac and Red Giant Offload

There are other solutions for the old problem of the digital age: keeping your footage files safe. As Nino mentioned in his review, Pomfort’s Silverstac is the de-facto standard for professional DITs, but it’s quite expensive and therefore maybe not the perfect tool for your needs. ShotPut Pro and Red Giant Offload are at par with Hedge for Mac in terms of pricing, but ShotPut Pro comes with a quite dusty UI and Offload only allows two simultaneous transfers.


Hedge has you covered: support for multible backup disks, NAS and RAID

The killer argument for Hedge for Mac version 1.3 is its blazing speed, that’s for sure. I really like the Red Giant Offload UI but in terms of speed it can’t compete with Hedge’s fast lane feature.

You will have to try for yourself to see which transfer management solution suits your needs best, but this update is well worth a look!

Check out their website for all the details and get 10% off with this link.

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Crimson Son June 1, 2016


Gerhard Riesenhuber June 2, 2016

You have to specify the scenario: What is the source, how many destinations (what destinations), which kind of checksums (md5, crc, xxhash, …).


Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss June 2, 2016

Gerhard, you’re totally right. As I said, it’s just a quick test but here are the details:

source: internal SSD (Macbook Pro retina, late 2012)
destination: just one. External USB 3.0 2,5″ HDD 5,400 rpm

Hedge for Mac: xxHash
“Hedge uses the xxHash algorithm to verify all copies. It is a non-cryptographic hash algorithm, and it’s fast. Really, really fast! Our benchmarks show it is at least 15% faster than MD5. If you have a fast Mac, the speed gain can be a lot bigger.” source: link

Offload: md5
(not 100% sure but at least 99,9%) – check prolost.com (scroll down to the comments, Stu clarifies this in one of his replies)


Gerhard Riesenhuber June 2, 2016

Thanks Olaf for clarification!

xxHash is indeed faster than md5. Silverstack and ShotPut Pro also have the possibility to use xxHash among other methods

Interesting read:

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss June 2, 2016

cool, thanks for pointing out!

Mark Cocks Reply
Mark Cocks June 2, 2016

Brett Hamilton

Sam Smith June 15, 2016

Thanks for your comparison and conclusive thoughts on this subject. Much appreciate. Cheers~

Sam Smith
Technology Evangelist and Aspiring Chef.
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