A High-Budget Sci-fi Short… on a Tight Budget – ON THE COUCH Ep. 22 part 2 of 2 – Haz Dullul

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In this second and final part of ON THE COUCH with post pro turned director whiz kid Hasraf “Haz” Dullul, we talked with him about his most recent production SYNC, a bleak vision of a future in which corporations have disconnected from the Internet due to the constant threat of cyber terrorism.

Since we recorded this interview, the film has gone online in its entirety and was staff picked by Vimeo – see the film below.


In the interview, we talked about the making of SYNC and how he achieved a Hollywood-level high-budget look on a production with a tiny budget. He explains how specific shots were created using many in-camera effects, minimizing the time needed in post production. He also says why he decided to go with Blackmagic cameras for this production and why he thinks they worked extremely well for his purposes.

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