Hands On with the Panasonic GH5, G80, LX15 and FZ2000

The Panasonic GH5 and G80 were two of the announcements that kicked off Photokina 2016 earlier today. Here is our first look at these, as well as some more details about the other Panasonic announcements.

We managed to catch up with Mark from Panasonic, who gave us some more in-depth information about these two cameras, as well as about the LX15 and FZ2000, the latter of which features built-in ND filters despite also having an SLR-style form factor (albeit with a fixed lens).

Make sure to watch the video above for all about Panasonic’s latest announcements.

The Panasonic GH5 is be available for pre-order now.

cinema5D at Photokina 2016
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