Hands-On with the Atomos Shogun Inferno – 4K RAW Recorder

At this year’s NAB show, Atomos released their new Flagship recorder, the Shogun Inferno. This device is capable of 4K RAW and almost everything else you could ask for when it comes to recording a high-quality video stream.

The Atomos Shogun Inferno

shogun inferno

In our NAB video above, Nino chats with Atomos CEO & founder Jeromy Young, who takes us through Atomos’ new 4K RAW recorder in a little more detail. We already covered the Shogun Inferno extensively in our previous post, so be sure to check it out! Otherwise, as a quick reminder, here’s the list of features:

  • AtomHDR; AtomHDR lets you shoot with the high brightness range of your camera’s Log profile and preview the final, vibrant post-production HDR result.
  • 4K 60p; Record and play out pristine ProRes/ DNxHR in 4K resolution and 24/25/30/50/60p frame rates.
  • HD 240p; Apart from 4K recording, high frame rate HD from 50p to 240p can be recorded from cameras that output these high frame rates.
  • Quad SDI; The Quad SDI inputs let you connect from cameras with 1.5/3/6/12G SDI outputs without the need for converters.
  • Raw recording; Capture the 4K RAW output from Sony FS7/ FS700 and Canon C300MKII/C500 over SDI, recording to either ProRes, DNxHR or CDNG.
  • 10-bit monitor; 10-bit monitor processing increases the number of colors from 16.7 million for standard 8-bit panels to 1.07 billion, minimizing color banding on screen.
  • 7” 1500nit brightness; For Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) shooting ramp the brightness slider up to 1500 nit for hood-free outdoor monitoring.
  • Apple ProRes & AVID DNxHR recording; Record to visually-lossless Apple ProRes or AVID DNxHD in Rec709 or Log formats as an edit friendly, visually lossless industry benchmark independent of the camera brand used.
  • PQ in/out; Take PQ out into larger HDR compatible screens or feed HDR from your NLE into the PQ input for HDR grading using the Inferno.
  • Custom looks; Apply a custom look to footage by uploading and applying “.cube” 3D LUT’s. View in full/half mode on screen, output it to a monitor or record into the footage.
  • Continuous power; Our patent pending Continuous power system automatically swaps to the second battery when power is low for uninterrupted recording in the field.
  • Playlist generation; Create playlists easily, either entire clips or tagged parts of clips, for playback on the unit or out to a larger screen.

HDR upgrades on other Atomos recorders

Atomos has announced another cool update to their line of recorders: HDR support for the better part of their lineup of recorders. This means that even if you own an older model, such as a Ninja Blade, this (software) update will enable your device to display HDR content.

shogun inferno

The whole range of compatible recorders for the HDR update

This is a really nice move from Atomos since many companies would leave their previous products lacking, in an attempt to increase sales on their new line. Instead, Atomos maintains compatibility with older models (within the range of given hardware limits, at least). So if you don’t need all the features of a Shogun Inferno recorder, maybe you could grab an older model and still get all the latest (compatible) updates.

Get all the details about the new Shogun Inferno on the Atomos website.

cinema5D at NAB 2016
Atomos Art-List B&H Tilta Blackmagic Design
€2,126.18 exc. VATIn stock for immediate dispatch

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Afonso Abreu Reply
Afonso Abreu April 22, 2016

Will it work with Fs7 4K 60p?

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss April 22, 2016

I’m almost certain this is supported, yes.

Oscar M Reply
Oscar M April 22, 2016

Gotta´ love Atomos

Evan Shaw April 22, 2016

well done. I very respectful and competent company. Saved our butts many many times. Chapeau! The backwards compatibility is a rare thing these days.

 Greg Greenhaw Reply
Greg Greenhaw April 22, 2016

Will the support the BM log curves? Can you make your own HDR LUT or are you restricted to their pre baked LUTs

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss April 22, 2016

Excellent question! Unfortunately I’m not 100% sure about that one. I think we’ll have to wait a little longer until folks get the recorder in their hands and gather their feedback.

UPDATE: The Shogun Flame doesn’t support Blackmagic LOG as of now. So it seems likely that the inferno doesn’t support it, either. But you can add custom LUTs, yes.

PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex August 2, 2016

The Shogun can load 3D LUT .cube files.
It has 8 spots that you can preload a LUT to, and then you can replace those with others from your SSD/HDD.
The same 3D LUT’s that BMD include in Resolve for their cameras can be loaded, as can the ‘Hook film-like’ LUT’s.

Olaf : Atomos have also stated they’ve no intentions of Log support for Bolex, Aja and any other cameras beyond those in the current update.
They’ve also dropped any plans to support CineDNG from the Cion or from Arri cameras.

Questioning such got me banned from posting on thier facebook page,….

Augusto Pedro Alves da Silva April 22, 2016

Atomos should now have an upgrade program from Shogun to Inferno. This is not correct as one of the main flaws as always been battery life. Not to mention the rest of the option that were promised as fw upgrades.

 Matt Cuzzi Reply
Matt Cuzzi April 22, 2016

i Honestly Am happy and will never replace my Odyssey 7Q+ manufactured by Convergent Design Devices…. never will switch.. It gives me RAW,ArriRaw,CanonRaw,ProRes 4:2:2-4:4:4-4444XQ,HQ,LT… 240Fps in Raw Codecs and all the way to 24fps in 4k.. also takes dual SSD’s wich I own myself two Convergent Designs 512gb SSD’s for my sexy footage. Also Swapable Battery Plates from Sony f970’s ALL the way to Anton Bauer Dionics and even good Ol’ V-Mount batts.. These are not all the specs of the beauty i rely on but they are some of the important ones LOL.. so yea.. Atomos makes extremely Nice Products and I like this new Shogun Inferno as well but Will never substitute my Beauty in a Beast frame recorder/Monitor for this Not so Industrial or Professional Used product..Atomos wants to become as big as the big names that Producers,DP’s,Directors,and Assistants use wich is products like smallHD and my Convergent Designs products but Atomos has literally been around as long as Brands such as like “SmallHD” and still haven’t put out a product DP’s really Love.. My Odyssey 7Q+ was even chosen and used with an Alexa 65 for multiple scenes on the 21+ including “Academy Award” winning movie The Revenant. THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED Director of Photography Master of the Camera Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu was proud of and happily used the Odyssey 7Q+. Now yes its not always the product but it did make a huge difference and usually always does.. The atomos shogun Inferno does put out and gives its Enthusiast what they want but not for Professionals out in the real field.These are more pointed even with this one majorly updated to people that shoot on 4k Dslrs and small Cinema cameras Even Gopros for christ sakes, But not for Major League Hollywood Blockbuster Films.. Don’t get me wrong.I love atomos products but I would never buy one..Hope no one gets booty tickled and thanks for reading by the way…FILM ON MY FRIENDS

Lowell Oswald April 23, 2016

Wow. Such glowing admiration for them. I want to throw mine against the wall half the time with all the issues it has with the C500. You are 100% independent and not affiliated with the Convergent Design, right?

I’m excited to have another competitor in this space. I’ll buy one just to see if alleviates the headaches from my Odyssey 7Q+ issues.

Joe Egan July 10, 2016

You bought the 7q+ before the Shogun Inferno was announced, huh?

David Todd Photographers July 26, 2016

Yes Joe I bought 7Q+ and did not wait for Inferno because even if and I say if it will ever do DNG Raw it will never be able to do 4K 60 or 4K 120 DNG RAW like the Odyssey already does besides the 7Q+ is an incredible monitor and much more professional product

Joe Egan July 10, 2016

Not “booty tickled”, but I had a terrible experience with a 7q. I’m assuming you bought your + prior to the Inferno being announced. From the display to the batteries to the media to the ergonomics and included ability to do HFR recording I decided to wait for the new Inferno. The 7q+ would have to earn my trust before doing everything the $2000 inferno does for me to consider it. Dropping names means nothing. Doing the job better means everything. I’ll have to see if the Inferno is as incredible as the Flame, but what I’ve seen first hand, this has the potential to beat the 7q+ on all the important concerns. Be happy with your purchase and make great movies with it. But don’t slam a product that isn’t even out yet in relation to a product a lot of people have not been happy using.

David Todd Photographers July 26, 2016

I could not have said it better!!!!!!

David Todd Photographers July 26, 2016

I could have not said it better!! 7Q+ is o n my FS5 and never comes off

Justin Anderson October 4, 2016

I’m just wondering if you spit or swallow when your 7Q blows its load in your mouth? Jesus, you should have your picture next to fanboy in the dictionary. I need to take a shower after reading your filthy response… lol.

 Matt Cuzzi Reply
Matt Cuzzi April 22, 2016

I swear, like i said on my specific,loud,Large written comment that I WILL NEVER TRADE IN MY PAINTBRUSHES FOR CRAYONS..Sorry Atomos/

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss April 22, 2016

don’t you worry, we heard you.

 KC Bassett Reply
KC Bassett April 23, 2016


Kaster Troy April 28, 2016


Justin Anderson October 4, 2016

You will never “trade your paintbrush for crayons” you manage to somehow twist a positive rant into a sad and pretentious sounding string of pathetic praise and name dropping. It’s a tool, man.
Any DP worth his salt knows that the correct tool for any job is the best tool for that job… locking into this fanboy mentality basically confined you to a set of “paintbrushes” that may eventually grow tattered and frayed, leaving your beautiful and glorious canvas of the AMAZING and EVER TALENTED Matt Cuzzi, a sloppy mess of paint splotches, if and/or when Atomos or whoever else released a product better thank your 7Q+.
To make such bold statements is simply going against one of the main principles of being a great DP and that’s “flexibility” and the willingness to do things differently.

Max K April 23, 2016

Do you know if the current Atomos Shoguns (original and Flame) will support the 4k 120fps burst from the Sony FS5? I heard they were demoing HFR recording on the original Shoguns and FS5 at NAB, but haven’t been able to learn what those HFR options are.

PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex April 28, 2016

As I understood it, the HFR and HDR are on the new products, not the original.

Mark Weiss Reply
Mark Weiss April 23, 2016

As the owner of a Shogun (original), I was dismayed to find out that the unit will not accept a 4K input on it’s HDMI port. I was forced to shoot UHD and loose compatibility with the Sony SRX line of 4K projectors.

Given that the Shogun Inferno has finally got an up to date HDMI 2.0 port, is it now capable of recording 4K 24p from the Sony FS7, or does it still show a blank display with the words “no input” when presented a 4096×2160 frame size?

PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex April 23, 2016

Hrm, I got 4K input on the rear HDMI from the Aja Cion.
Was the camera you were using capable of 4K output or only HD output, on the HDMI.
The front v1.3 HDMI on the Cion only does HD, but the rear v1.4 HDMI does UHD at 24, 25 and 30 frames, and DCI 4K at 24 frames.

Mark Weiss Reply
Mark Weiss September 30, 2016

Yes, of course the Sony FS7 is capable of 4K output on the HDMI port. It works with my 4K production monitor, too. Just not with the Shogun. I have to drop my output to 3.8K to get the Shogun to recognize the signal. And Atomos doesn’t show any setup for 4K recording, just a video on how to set it to 3.8K UHD.

Actually, I suspect the FS7 may be incapable of 1080P on the HDMI, because when I set it to 1080P, my production monitor says it’s not receiving a signal. But in 3.8K and 4K, the HDMI port is definitely alive and putting out a valid signal.

PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex September 30, 2016

It does sound a little odd alright.
As I said, I got DCI 4K out of the Cion to record on the original Shogun.
That was using the v6.4 firmware on the Shogun.

Last time I worked with an FS-7, we hooked the Shogun up via the SDI port, and I’m 90% sure we had 4K output (need to go look at the footage)
I’ve found the Shogun is pretty quick to lock up to decent signals.

PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex April 23, 2016

“This is a really nice move from Atomos since many companies would leave their previous products lacking, in an attempt to increase sales on their new line. Instead, Atomos maintains compatibility with older models ”

Except where that feature is the long overdue CineDNG for Shogun, which is now delayed until a month after the Q3 release date for the Inferno series.

Guillaume Juin Reply
Guillaume Juin April 23, 2016

What about the upcoming fs5 raw?

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss April 23, 2016

PiDicus Rex: That’s true. And disappointing.

By the way, convergent design announced another software update regarding the upcoming RAW output of the FS5 as well as the RAW output of the Varicam LT later this year:


PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex April 23, 2016

Saw that, and lovely news for the owners of the camera’s they’re supporting.
But for those of use with a Cion purchase in our immediate future, no such joy.

Patrick Zadrobilek April 23, 2016

The question will be, how dark the black will be and when the black is too bright and the display brightness is turned down, is the display than still “HDR”?
And the second question is if HDR provides us a “graded look”, what’s the difference if you just turn on a LUT?
All this is still unexplained.

PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex April 26, 2016

One of Stefan Czech’s videos does go in to that with a good explanation.
But it’s still only display technology, and that tech is only just filtering in to the consumer market place – it’s meant to allow content creation teams to view the camera output on screens that match the dynamic range of modern displays – LCD’s and especially OLED’s have a much greater range of brightness, contrast and colour display then the monitors that were available when the Rec709 standard was written.

It’s a good idea to have it, especially as HDR Digital Projection begins to fill cinemas, however, it is not as important as being able to record the full image data set that would be contained within Raw CineDNG recording, which is why the Shogun owners (inc, Me) are extremely disappointed that Raw recording has been repeatedly delayed.

On top of that, we’ve been told that CineDNG for the original Shogun required the development of CineDNG on the Flame/Inferno series, which has then been revealed as using a different processor core, which means a completely separate coding development.

That means, original Shogun owners are being deceived, primarily to drive sales towards the new product – CineDNG on the original Shogun has now been stated to be released a month after it arrive on the Inferno series, in Q3 2016, rather then the original release schedule of Q3 2015.

So a full year after it was scheduled, and 2 years after the Shogun was released.
I expect the Raw support for Cion will probably get cancelled completely, or be pushed back to 2017, as it’s the last on the list for the Raw update.

Luke Wen April 23, 2016

There will be a Ninja Inferno I believe.

 Mary Wuergler Reply
Mary Wuergler May 5, 2016

Totally off topic from the video, but does anyone know that camera/lens was used to shoot this video?

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss May 5, 2016

Mary, we used a Sony a7S II / 1920×1080 / Sony 28-135 lens.

Alexander Tardif May 8, 2016

Olaf, speaking of Sony A7Sii here – I’m totally new to external recorders, so this is probably a silly noob question, but… is this Shogun Inferno capable of recording 4K from either my A7Sii or A7Rii in 10 bit 4:2:2 ProRes? Instead of internal 8 bit 4:2:0?

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss May 8, 2016

Alexander, the A7S II and A7R II are only capable of processing 8bit 4:2:2 over the HDMI out. Your recorder can’t record a higher bitdepth than your camera can output. The only benefit for your setup would be 4:2:2 chroma subsampling when recording externally vs. 4:2:0 when recording internally.

Alexander Tardif May 8, 2016

Okie dok, thanks. I thought there was some sort of majic happening there, but alas :)

PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex May 9, 2016

The way Atomos explains it, the Shogun does record a 10bit file from 10 And 8 bit inputs, and the recorder Only Records in 10 bit.
The way I understand it, they attach the extra bits without altering the colour or brightness of a pixel (so effectively null data) so that you have the 10 bit colour space available in editing and grading.
Which is pretty much the same that occurs when you create the temp files and render a 10 bit timeline with 8 bit footage – something that helps reduce banding, especially on DSLR footage.

Andreas Haider June 18, 2016

As it has 4xSDI in – Is it possible to record one HD-SDI Signal while monitoring another one?

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss June 18, 2016


as far as I know this is not possible, unfortunately. The 4 SDI inputs can act as a quad 3G input. Single source, though.


PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex August 2, 2016

On the 7Q+ ?

You’d need the Apollo Option, which effectively turns it in to a 4-input vision switcher/recorder.


Michael Weizenfeld October 25, 2016

….many companies would leave their previous products lacking, in an attempt to increase sales on their new line. Instead, Atomos maintains compatibility with older models (within the range of given hardware limits, at least……”

Atomos is one of them.
Original Shogun already has a 12g-sdi, but it can’t receive 4k@60p nor 2k@120-240fps that output fs700 via single 3g-sdi (!!!)
I think it is totally software problem, that never been solved. Shogun see that signals as a raw color mosaic, but can’t interpret it signal, as it was before update for its compatibility with fsraw.

PiDicus Rex Reply
PiDicus Rex October 28, 2016

I think the only thing that’s going to solve these sorts of compatibility issues with Raw, is if the whole industry adopts a standard Raw interchange format & coding.

SDI, 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, are all supposed to be ‘industry standards’, so you are most likely correct in it being a software issue, and I doubt Atomos will ever move to fix it, or, to say it brutally, to finish the product to match the claims in the advertising and on the box.

Val Isle October 31, 2016

Hello Guys,

Could you please tell me what would this recorder capture from FS700 camera over sdi in HFR? Originally the camera records 240fps internally, but only burst mode 8 min. Will the same happen on Atomos too? Only 8 min. or continous? Will it be 10 bit in 240fps?
Does it record anything high frame rate in 2K?
Doest Inferno capture any kind of burst mode? In what mode and what quality?
Many thanks!