Hands-On with the Latest Sigma Cine Lenses

We caught up with Sigma at their booth at NAB 2017, and took a closer look at some of the latest Sigma cine lenses. We got to see the recently-announced 14mm and 135mm T2 primes, as well as the 24-35mm T2.2 Full-Frame zoom.

We recently reported on the latest announcement in the Sigma cine lens line: the 14mm and 135mm T2. These are the cine versions of the Sigma Art line of stills lenses, which were released just a few months ago.

While the final pricing for these two new Sigma cine lenses hasn’t been announced yet, Patrick from Sigma did tell us about the official price for their original line-up of cinema lenses from last year. The 5 lens range from 20mm to 85mm T2 will be available for $3,500 each, and will be shipping in May in Canon EF and Sony E mounts. PL users will have to wait just a little longer until June.

Sigma Cine Lenses

Also on display was the Sigma Full-Frame 24-35mm Zoom, a lens perhaps better considered as a “variable prime” due to its reduced focal range, though it does provide a fast T2.2 across the board.

Patrick also explains Sigma’s new Fully Luminous option, where even more of the lens markings are coated with luminous paint – a handy feature in dark shooting environments.

Thinking in investing in cinema glass? Are you considering the Sigma cine lenses? Let us know why in the comments section below!