G-Technology G-Speed Studio XL holds 64TB and can Transfer 1.3GB per Second!

G-SPEED-studioXLWith 4K becoming more and more a standard format filmmakers and editors need large RAID drives with a fast interface. We’ve seen many Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt 2 drives over the last months. Here’s an entirely new RAID solution by G-Technology.

As Mark from G-Tech describes these new G-Technology G-Speed Studio XL drives can hold up to 64TB on 8 drives. That’s 56TB in RAID 5 which is a backup + speed hardware RAID configuration that requires a single 8GB drive to backup your data (backup is split equally across all drives and can always run with 1 missing or faulty drive) and gives you 1GB / second of speed on Thunderbolt 2.

The G-Speed Studio XL looks really nice in terms of what it has to offer. There’s nothing comparable on the market that offers both this kind of storage capacity as well as the speed in a portable package. As you can imagine there’s a price for this kind of quality. The smallest version holds 24TB and costs $3599. The G-Speed Studio XL with 64TB costs $6999.

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