Looking for a Great Sony A7s Battery Solution?

Indipro Tools
If you are like us, having lots of Canon LP6 batteries lying around and using a Sony A7s camera for your daily work and looking for a better option for a day lasting Sony A7S battery solution, then look no further. IndiPRO Tools is a US based company whose camera powering solutions I’ve been using during the past 4 months to my absolute satisfaction.

In the above video, Jaycee from Indipro is showing the following items:

IndiPRO Tools POWER POD Quad

IndiPRO Tools POWER POD QuadThis is the one I’m using myself. It sits on top of my shoulder pad as part of my Sony A7s rig.


Sony a7s Dummy Battery Cable

       IndiPRO Tools 69SA7This power cord is connecting the powering solution to the Sony A7s and acts like a dummy battery.


IndiPRO Tools POWER POD Dual

 IndiPRO Tools POWER POD Dual: Is a similar solution as the Quad but in a smaller form.


IndiPRO Tools 8PASA7   IndiPRO Tools 8PASA7If you are looking to enhance the audio capability of your Sony A7s (in conjunction with a powering solution) and don’t want to invest in the Sony XLR-K2M, then this solution is for you. (mind you, that no phantom power, or separate channel control is possible with the IndiPRO unit).


So, if you are looking for a great Sony A7s powering solution (or for other popular camera from a different brand), feel free to explore IndiPRO Tools at B&H as they have a large variety of solutions for most cameras currently on the market.





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Gerfried Guggi Reply
Gerfried Guggi April 23, 2015

Are you using original Canon batteries, or also any third party like the ones of Zacuto or Hahnel?

Johnnie Behiri April 23, 2015

Hi Gerfried.

Mostly original Canon batteries and1 from Zacuto (came with their Gratical EVF).



Anonymous April 24, 2015

Hmm, very interesting. I keep 6 Sony batteries in my pocket, and I can replace a battery in 6 seconds. I’ve never had a situation where this 7 batteries were not enough for day shooting. I didn’t go for the A7S handgrip, since replacing batteries in the handgrip is (much more) cumbersome. My friend even removed the battery door, and he can replace a battery in only 4 seconds. Actually, I’ve learned this method from him.

Johnnie Behiri April 24, 2015

Hi Miklos.

Since I’m working a lot with the Sony XLR-K2M (XLR audio attachment), I find the Sony batteries to be insufficient and run out relatively fast. I guess using the “phantom power option” in this device is reducing the battery life significantly.

Farther more, when using the camera in a combination with a rig, it helps balancing the wight.

Thank you.


Miklos Nemeth April 24, 2015

Oh, I see Johnnie, Thank you for the feedback. I use a Tascam DR-60D as well as a Zoom H5, and this might explain why my battery strategy is different. All the best, Miklos

Johnnie Behiri April 27, 2015

Hi Miklos.

I see you are recording the audio separately when shooting with the Sony A7s.
Did you try recording audio directly to the A7s? You might be surprised how good the quality is an save the extra syncing step and equipment hassle.

Thank you!


William Koehler April 28, 2015

I find it incredibly funny and it really should wake up someone at Sony, that the battery solution for the A7 series is quad Canon batteries!