GoPro HEROCast – New GoPro Streaming Solution for Live Broadcasting – NAB 2015

The new GoPro HEROCast makes GoPro streaming of live events a reality. It’s built for professional live broadcasting of GoPro HD footage and works with any receivers.

HEROCast-streamingGoPro HEROCast has just become the smallest and lightest professional live-broadcast transmitter on the market. The add-on accessory connects to any GoPro HERO 4 or previous generation.

gopro-herocast-1For those in the live event business this is important news as it opens up new possibilities, new perspectives when covering an event. So far GoPro style shots were mostly limited to a non-live workflow.

HEROCast was developed together with Vislink who already offer a solid broadcast receiver ecosystem. It will also work with third party receivers and is said to offer a low-latency transmission with minimal to no signal interruptions.

The new GoPro streaming solution can be powered off a GoPro battery for minimum weight or through an external power source.

HEROCast    $7,500 MSRP

  •       Optimized for body mounting and engaging POV shots
  •       Separate units for versatile mounting and easy accessibility
  •       Easily attached to GoPro mounts including Chesty and more
  •       Connects via [supplied] HDMI cable

HEROCast BacPac    $7,500 MSRP

  •       All-in-one solution for immersive live-action footage
  •       Camera, transmitter, housing, and BacPac in one convenient unit
  •       Mounts to walls, cars, and other larger surfaces
  •       *Water resistant to IP67 specification

More information on the GoPro website.

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Jeb Johenning April 18, 2015

Did anyone happen to notice that the cheapest receiver Vislink makes to make the system actually work is an additional $14,000! Pricey!

Jon Rose Reply
Jon Rose April 18, 2015


Jeffrey Collins Reply
Jeffrey Collins April 19, 2015

There are so many things you can do and not pay 7500 to stream your GoPro online.

 Long Time Reply
Long Time January 23, 2016

I TOTALY agree with you, what the hell i would spend &K on that for and i can get a lot of gear for that kind of money

Gene Nemetz Reply
Gene Nemetz April 19, 2015

You guys heard of the Red 8K? No? I don’t see any posts on it since it was announced. Maybe I overlooked it. I must have.

Aaron Chen Reply
Aaron Chen April 19, 2015

this is the first live thingy for gopro go live? I guess there will be more cheaper options than this, but good idea anyway.