“Goodbye Neck Pain!” With The Yoshimi Camera Neck Strap

Have you had neck pain from carrying around DSLR’s and mirrorless cameras? The improved camera neck strap by Yoshimi Camera caught our attention at Inter BEE 2017. It redistributes your camera’s weight and puts an end to sore necks!

At Inter BEE 2017 in Japan we found Hitotsuki-San, the man behind Yoshimi Camera Co. LTD. The company invented an improved camera neck strap. The idea behind their product is to attach the strap to a backpack and therefore redistribute the weight of the camera from neck to shoulders. They made this possible by adding a piece of leather to the traditional design of a camera neck strap, that attaches to a backpack’s top handle. Obviously you will have to wear a backpack to make this work.

Even though this product mainly aims at photographers, in certain situations some filmmakers tend to wear neck straps too. This is especially true for run and gun filmmaking and documentary style reporting, when the extra weight of a rig or other camera stabilizers are not welcome. Some people also use neck straps for extra stabilized handheld shots.

camera neck strap with backpack grip

Camera neck strap with a twist by Yoshimi Camera

Having to have a backpack to make this work may seem like a limitation. I have to admit though, that when I do reports or run and gun action, I often find myself wearing a small backpack that has some spare memory cards, batteries and lenses in it.

The special camera neck strap by Yoshimi Camera comes in two versions:

  1. Standard camera strap is available in four colours (orange, red, light blue and navy blue) and costs around $50,-.
  2. Leather camera strap is black only and costs around $90,-.

The straps can be ordered directly from the Yoshimi Camera website (Note that the page is not in english).

Do you think this is a good idea? Can you imagine using this during some of your work? Let us know in the comments below.

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akpe ododoru
akpe ododoru

Hahahahaha….$50 for something i just made right now in my bedroom for less than £4, really?

James Whitehouse
James Whitehouse

I love this.