Gimbal vs. Steadicam: What is the Best Camera Stabilizer? – ON THE COUCH Ep. 23 part 4 of 4 – Dan Chung, Clinton Harn, Emmanuel Pampuri

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In the 23rd episode of ON THE COUCH, I was lucky enough to sit with fellow bloggers and shooters Dan Chung, Clinton Harn from and Emmanuel Pampuri from

In this final part of the episode, our focus turned to the ever-raging battle of gimbal stabilizers like the Freefly MoVi or the DJI Ronin and their different price brackets, and how and why there are such huge differences in price in these systems. We then talked about Steadicams and other mechanical stabilizers, and mentioned that for a lot of purposes, they are still “the way to go” over gimbals.

Clinton, Dan and Emmanuel mentioned how they preferred Steadicams over gimbals in most cases, but we also pointed out the advantages of gimbals – low and high angle shots, hand-offs, stabilization which involves getting rid of a lot of vibration like in driving cars, and so on.









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Myles Thompson Reply
Myles Thompson June 6, 2015

There seems to be a weird tension between these guys.

Tim Naylor Naylor July 8, 2015

Except for Nino,I feel the rest don’t seem to have much experience with gimbals. If they had, they’d be more knowledgable about what works and what doesn’t. No comment on how much of a pain in the ass gimbals are to balance. But also no comment on the advantages of a gimbal such as high winds, self leveling, tight spaces, or exoskeletons. As someone who uses gimbals considerably, the whole bit about talent looking at a gimbal is a non-issue and tells me they don’t use them that often or at all. Then the guy who has never used them at all, not sure what the point of that is in a webcast titled Gimbal vs Steadicam.