Why Not? Giant Camera Case for All Your Gear: Think Tank Production Manager 40


Think Tank Photo is known for their quality camera bags and cases mainly targeted at photographers. But here’s a new giant camera case we found quite interesting that might be useful to the more eager videographers out there.

With interior measurements of a meter by 35 centimeters this “camera case” is really huge. Of course it can be used for large items like lighting kits or similar, but it also comes with many small separators so it can be used to store a truckload of small gear. Why not?

As a video shooter I often find myself carrying 3-4 bags to a shoot and if you are familiar with that situation you might find that the Think Tank Production Manager 40 could be a valid alternative.

It certainly isn’t on the budget side in terms of pricing, but comes with Think Tank durability and many features as described in the video above. The Production Manager 40 is $549 and available here.

More information on www.thinktankphoto.com

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