GH5 and Premiere Pro Reuniting in June

The 2017.1 Adobe Premiere Pro CC update left many Panasonic GH5 shooters in the dust of incompatibility. We sat down with Adobe Senior Director of Product Management this week at NAB to discuss the remedy, and when we could expect GH5 and Premiere Pro to play nice together again.  

GH5 and Premiere Pro Reuniting

On the 19th of April, cinema5D reported an incompatibility issue between the latest iteration of Adobe Premiere with the GH5’s 10-bit files: when imported into Premiere, the video files did not register, and were rather read as audio files only. Not only was this a bitter disappointment for those who were drawn to the GH5 for its advanced video features, it also proved to be a major hiccup for those who updated in the middle of a project without prior knowledge of the impediment.

Shortly after the release of the article, Bill Roberts responded by commenting:

The camera in question was just released in March. Panasonic did a custom 10bit implementation that we did not have time to fully qualify for this release, hence – it’s currently not supported. We WILL support it in an update.”

It is important to note that not all GH5 files behaved this way, with 8-bit files importing without a hitch. As per the interview above, Mr. Roberts relayed the update that will support the GH5 10-bit files will be coming in June. It will be a little while longer, but by summer the 10-bit files from the GH5 and Premiere Pro should function correctly.

Were you affected by the Adobe Premiere update GH5 10-bit incompatibility? Let us know in the comments!