“Get Your Core Products Right” with Kessler and Bright Tangerine – ON THE GO – Episode 61

In this episode of ON THE GO, we talk to Eric Kessler from Kessler Crane and Rob Eagle from Bright Tangerine, two veteran brands of affordable, quality camera accessories.

Kessler Crane and Bright Tangerine are two companies that are synonymous with quality camera accessories. The evolution in camera technology and the emergence of a new market certainly proved to be key in the cementing of these two brands in the competitive playing field of camera gear. We talk to Eric and Rob about their journey over the past decade or so.

Kessler was one of the first brands to start offering professional products to the emerging DSLR market, a sector that was once somewhat looked down upon by the more established film industry. Most famously known at first for its revolutionary Kessler Crane, the company’s focus has been shifting towards sliders and motion control in recent years. Eric Kessler tells us just how he went from owning a paintball accessory company to founding a brand that has become a staple of a whole sector of the filmmaking industry.


The Kessler Second Shooter on a Cineslider

Bright Tangerine, on the other hand, has seen most success from its lightweight matte boxes. Rob tells us how the company got started by trying to fill a gap in the market offering a more user-friendly solution for the new large-sensor era.

The new Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom

Whether sliders or matte boxes, what these two companies have in common is a philosophy of creating a solid core product from which to develop a strong user base. Then, its just a matter of listening to those customers before developing new products.

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