Gecko Genesis – New Vintage-Flavoured Cine Primes

The new Gecko Genesis series of cinema primes from Gecko-Cam are aimed for those looking to give their images a more vintage look.

Germany-based film equipment and service company Gecko-Cam have put their previous expertise in projectors, lens service and repair into designing their own line of cinema primes. The Gecko Genesis is a line of seven primes in 14.5mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm.

This product range has been designed specifically for those who prefer a more vintage vibe to their image, rather than the ultra crisp look of some of the current offerings in the market. There are available in a coated, as well as an uncoated version for some extra vintage mojo.

Michael from Gecko-Cam explains that in terms of image, the Gecko Genesis are reminiscent of the Canon K35, while in terms of price, they are aiming to carve themselves a place in the market in the neighbourhood of the ZEISS CP.3s.

Most of the lenses in the Genesis range offer a maximum aperture of T1.4, with the 14.5mm lens in the range creeping up to T3. All lenses share a frontal diameter of 114mm, and they all range between 1-1.5kg, so a relatively nice weight for cinema glass.

The Gecko Genesis lenses will be available in PL, E, EF and Micro Four-Thirds, although they are easily upgradeable in case you need to change mounts yourself. The lenses are also customisable in that you can replace the ring with imperial and metric markings, and the lens body also features a mounting port for an upcoming Gecko-Cam wireless motor system that will install right onto the lens.

With a 46.3mm image circle, the lenses will cover up to Vista Vision format, so the 8K RED is covered as well as of course 35mm full-frame, meaning they’re compatible with Sony’s latest full-frame CineAlta announcement.

The first batch of ten sets will be available by the end of the month, with more units becoming available in August. The price for a full set will be around the €35,000 mark. For more information, please visit

Are you more partial to the vintage look, or do you prefer a more crisp and modern flavour? Let us know in the comments below!