F&V Panel Quick Release Update – Free Upgrade For Existing Users!

The F&V panel locking system is being updated with a quick release solution, and existing customers get the new frame for free!

F&V customers will be pleased to hear that the panel clip system is being replaced with a more reliable quick release that brings diffusers, honeycombs and barn doors closer to the light source, with an easier to use detachable clip. Best of all, the new system will work with all existing light models!

The new clip system is much more reliable, securely holding the frames onto the light panel. It also means the risk of losing parts is reduced as the clips and corners are secured directly to the units.

F&V Quick Release

The diffuser has been optimized for a softer, evenly lit light source, and by minimizing the distance between the frame and the light, there is also less spill.

Empty frames with the quick release holes can also be used to attach barn doors to the light, for a shaped and more direct beam of light too.

The new corners of the frame and diffuser will be available to existing customers for free, simply register your product and check up on the F&V Facebook page for when they will be released. All you’ll need to cover is the shipping costs.

The F&V F4000 and Z4000 lights are available to purchase from CVP from €383.55 + VAT.

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