FUJINON XK20-120mm PL Price Drop Explained, Other Mounts Possible

After popular demand, the FUJINON XK20-120mm PL lens is now available without the servo motor unit, resulting in a price reduction. 3rd Parties are now offering mount adapting too.

Two years on from the FUJINON Cabrio 20-120mm PL release, FUJINON realised that lots of customers were removing the servo motor unit so the lens can be used as a full manual lens, or with electronic focus, zoom and iris control. Because of this, FUJINON will now be shipping the lens without the servo motor unit, resulting in a price reduction to below $10,000. This puts the very popular lens in the same price bracket as the ZEISS LWZ.3 21-100mm.

The lens will still be available with the servo motor unit, at the original retail price, however this change of option means that users can now pair the lens with other motorized controls from manufacturers like Tilta or Chrosziel.

The FUJINON XK20-120mm PL lens has a ‘universal mount’, and now third parties are offering to adapt the mount from PL to a range of others, a method that is also backwards compatible too. This enables the lens to be used with a native lens mount on the camera, rather than an adapter. Although the mount can be changed at home, DIY style, FUJINON recommend seeking a 3rd party company to undertake this process, as the warranty may void if something goes wrong.

Does the FUJINON XK20-120mm price reduction tempt you into purchasing the lens? Do you own the lens, and are looking to adapt the mount? Let us know in the comments.

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 C B

I know this announcement is from IBC, but Fuji was offering this lens without the servo grip, at a discount, in the U.S. at least a year ago. My understanding of it, though, Fuji US didn’t really like it, because they still had to buy the lenses from Fuji Japan as full servo gripped lenses, then they would just remove the servo grip and sell the lens without it and go set the grip on a shelf somewhere. Good option for the customer, bad deal for the local Fuji division.

Steve Oakley

its a nice lens… now if we could have a T2.0 in the same zoom range.

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