FUJIFILM Interview – X-H1 Explained & is F-Log on X-T2 coming?

An interview with Jun Watanabe-san – a manger at FUJIFILM Corporation – centred around the video capabilities of the new X-H1, X-T2 and other “middle class” cameras.

If the English subtitles do not appear automatically, please press the CC button on the bottom right corner of the YouTube player.

Jun Watanabe-san holding the new X-H1

The FUJIFILM X-H1 was just announced a few days ago, and it is interesting to read people’s opinion and how it has been received. (If you haven’t already, please head to our hands-on review by clicking here). For some, it is disappointing to see yet another 8bit 4:2:0 large sensor mirrorless camera that can shoot video, while for others, it is a dream come true. The 5-axis in-body stabilisation system, ETERNA film simulation option and the built-in F-Log gamma option are enough reasons to rave about it. While  opinions are split, it seems that the one thing that unites both parties is the appreciation of the brand and the quality products it produces. (See my FUJIFILM/FUJINON factory visit by clicking here).

Personally, I would take two things from this announcement. One is FUJIFILM’s commitment, as the development of the new camera is clearly targeting us, the filmmaking crowd. The other is the camera itself. True: it has its shortcomings and limitations – some of which can probably be fixed with a future firmware update – but the picture quality coming out of this filming device is truly nice!

With this camera introduction, I thought it would be nice to hear FUJIFILM’s take on its new arrival and, additionally, take the opportunity to find out if any video-related firmware updates are planned for the popular X-T2 and other “middle class” cameras.

The interview with Jun Watanabe-san, a manager at FUJIFILM Corporation was conducted at FUJIFILM’s HQ in Omiya-Japan.

Below is a rundown of my questions and their timestamp in the video:

0:31 – Let’s start with a short introduction of the new camera
1:44 – Whom are you targeting with this new camera?
2:31 – Why did you decide to develop and introduce the ETERNA film simulation picture profile?
4:19 – The new X-H1 is still an 8bit camera. Why not 10bit?
4:55 – Is there a chance to see an F-log option being added to the X-T2?
5:37 – Will you consider allowing higher bit rate video recording with other cameras in your line?

If you like to see improvements being made to the FUJIFILM X-H1, or getting a new F-Log feature for the X-T2, raise your voice in the comment section below. 

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Jeremy Woods

Uh… what?



Select (cc) subtitles/closed captions.

Brian Dowling

great but I don’t speak Japanese

Bernard Shaw

If the AF is improved and they add F Log this looks like a winner for me as a high end wedding videographer. It could be very useful.

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