FUJIFILM Factory Visit & Film Competition Update

The first step in our One Minute Film Competition is now over, and there is no better way and time to expose our audience to the “behind the scenes” of making some of the valuable prizes that we and FUJIFILM/FUJINON will be presenting to the winners. 

One Minute Competition update:

First things first. It is with A LOT of appreciation that we would like to thank all the participants in our first ever film competition. The overwhelming response and engagement of the filming community in the event convinced us to continue and initiate future competitions like this one. 233 eligible films from 56 countries were submitted during the course of the competition (!) and now Nino and I are facing the long, responsible work of viewing all those creations and deciding the winners. We will live-stream the announcement of winners during Friday, February 9th at 7pm CET (6pm GMT/12pm EST/9am PST). 


Now, FUJIFILM was kind enough to privately host and guide me through one of its lens and camera factories located in Sendai, northern Japan. This factory is responsible for making the FUJINON MK lenses, X-T2 camera and GFX 50S camera and lenses. It was a great chance to see how some of our prizes are made and although it was a short visit, it was hard not to be impressed by the process of making these products literally by hand. I hope you will enjoy this short video and, like me, take one thing from watching it: regardless of our purchasing decisions, there are always hard-working, dedicated people behind the design and manufacturing of the equipment we use on a daily basis. Maybe it is a good chance to salute them all. 

Music for the above video is taken from art-list. Theme: Oliver Michael – One MomentMe and You and Firefly

Are you curious enough and want to see more factory visits in facilities related to our industry? If so, which ones? Let us know in the comments section below!