Freefly introduces MIMIC – kinetic remote controller for MōVI – NAB 2015

Here at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas, MōVI inventor Freefly Systems introduced a range of new products and enhancements for existing systems.

On of the most exciting ones is called MIMIC, and it’s a kinetic remote controller for all existing MōVI rigs. In other words, instead of working with a joystick on a remote to operate the gimbal, you operate a bar with two handles that has a gyroscope attached to a wireless transmitter which sends all your kinetic movements to the MōVI and translates it into gimbal movements on the MōVI. It’s extremly intuitive and pan, tilt and roll axis movements are transferred to the MōVI gimbals seamlessly.


Freefly is soon starting a beta program as long as the firmware is not final. The MIMIC controller doesn’t come with a monitor or wireless video transmitter, but you can add your existing systems to it. Latency should be very low on the video transmitter, otherwise it will have a very jarring effect, but both Teradek Bolt as well as Paralinx and Radian Pro systems should be ready for the task at hand.

Personally I mostly use my MōVI rigs in the majestic mode, where it follows the operator’s movements – however there are many applications where a second operator on a remote would be practical, however it takes skills to operate a gimbal via a remote. It’s very much like operating a multicopter. With the MIMIC, I can see how you can hand that remote to somebody else and have him master the remote control of the gimbal intuitively within minutes.

Freefly MIMIC is priced at $495 and will be available from late April 2015.


Watch it on Vimeo