Fotodiox Edgelight – Lightweight Circular LED Softbox from the future

Fotodiox is famous for their practical lens mounting adapters like the Sony to EOS with built-in vari-ND. This year at Photokina they present one of the most intriguing lighting solutions I’ve seen so far: A circular, flat, lightweight LED with a smooth surface.

These lights looked really impressive. While their output was not as strong as many other LED’s that are currently on the market, they had some unique attributes:
They are surprisingly thin (less than half a centimeter in thickness), they are lightweight and they provide a smooth lighting surface (no annoying LED dots causing multi-shadows or harsh texture) and they provide a light clarity with a CRI value over 90.

Slowly but surely it seems LED lighting is finally heading into the right direction and these lights seem like a hint on what the future lighting may soon become.

The Fotodiox FlapJack Edgelight should be available early next year and will cost between $300 for the smaller lights and around $600 for the large one.

The smaller lights are called C-200R and C-300R.
They are now available on the Fotodiox Website

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