First look at the Panavision Millenium DXL with Light Iron CEO Michael Cioni at Cine Gear 2016

A few days ago we brought you news of the recently unveiled Millenium DXL 8K. This beast of a camera is a collaboration between Panavision, RED and Light Iron, resulting in a incredible match between camera, optics, sensor and colour science technology. We caught up with Michael Cioni, CEO of Light Iron, who told us more about the Millenium DXL at Cine Gear 2016.

Michael was eager to thank the filmmaking community after the announcement received such a warm response. And how could there not be one? The Millenium DXL marries the best aspects of each of the companies that made this product possible, making this really a dream-team camera.

millenium dxl

On the one hand, Panavision’s camera technology allows for a completely modular design. Not just in the physical sense, Michael explains, but also electronically, as the individual camera modules such as power, audio or communications, can be swapped and even replaced in the future without the need to develop a new camera body.

The 8K RED Weapon sensor is a perfect fit for a camera like this, working in tandem with a legacy of over 60 years of Panavision lenses.

Finally, behind it all, the Light Iron Color matrix works to replicate a highly stylised cinema look.

Needless to say, we are all eagerly expecting the first sample footage from the Millenium DXL. The camera itself though? Not available until the end of the year.


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Tim Naylor Reply
Tim Naylor June 4, 2016

No doubt this camera will be a huge hit. My only reservation is the shoulder pad is quite a bit behind the balance point (with primes and MB). It’ll require hand held rigging otherwise it’ll be front heavy. Which somewhat stinks because once you rig a shoulder pad at the balance point (forward of the built in pad), the camera will now be riding high. Everything else is well thought out. Full Frame size chip, built in focus motors, etc. This will fly off the shelfs. My guess, quite a few productions will use it with the Weapon 8k to have a smaller body size for gimbal, flight, rigging, etc.

Michael Sandiford Reply
Michael Sandiford June 5, 2016

Internal ND Filters?

Crimson Son June 5, 2016

It is for large film production, where internal ND filters are not as popular in corporate, broadcast and other type of productions.