Everything You Need to Know About Anamorphic Lenses

Andrew Chan from SLR Magic told us everything you need to know about their new generation of cinematic anamorphic lenses and anamorphic lenses in general.

Besides explaining the advantages of shooting anamorphic Chan also goes into detail about how SLR Magic started from anamorphic adaptors to SLR Magic’s very own line of anamorphic lenses, which we talked about earlier this week and they are pesenting at IBC 2015.

SLR Magic FeatureThe new lenses will be introduced soon and have a very unique and cinematic look.

There will be two lineups: 133 Lenses and 2x Lenses. The 2x lens line-up currently has a micro 4/3 mount, which works perfectly with the GH4’s 4:3 Aspect Ratio. Chan explains that customers at IBC have requested a PL Mount version of the 2x Lens line and SLR Magic will consider this request.

Here are the prices for SLR Magic’s anamorphic lenses:

Anamorphic 35mm T/2.4 – $2500

Anamorphic 50mm T/2.8 – $3000

Anamorphic 75mm T/4 – $3000

Buy all three lenses and you will get the package for $7000 ($1500 saving).
The new anamorphic lenses by SLR Magic will be available by the end of the year.

cinema5D at IBC 2015
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Jaimy Soares Reply
Jaimy Soares September 13, 2015

Let’s put the focus ring at the front of the lens so you can’t use a mattebox…

Shadi Sharar Reply
Shadi Sharar September 13, 2015

Where we can order this lenses

Matthew Carmody Reply
Matthew Carmody September 13, 2015

Keen to see them put through the paces in real world situations. They may be what a lot of shooters have been waiting for. Especially if you can’t afford a set of Cookes, like 99.99999% of the human race.

Carmody Matthew Reply
Carmody Matthew September 14, 2015

Lens flares and crazily shaped backgrounds here I come!

Akos Simon Reply
Akos Simon September 14, 2015

Wish these would have been made for the Full frame sensors first. Especially the 35mm one ,….which only works on 4:3 or in other words the GH4 camera sized ones but not on the Canon 5dmark3 etc..

Roberto Mettifogo Reply
Roberto Mettifogo September 19, 2015

So a 50 anamorphic will have the same dof of a 50 spherical but with 33% of extra horizonthal field of view ? That means we can use a longer lens to have equivalent field of view with resulting increased dof, correct?