New EF-PL Adapter & The Varicam EVF For Your Panasonic EVA1

At this years Inter BEE show in Tokyo, our own Johnnie Behiri catches up with Sae Nakatani on some new accessories for the brand new Panasonic EVA1 camera. Namely an exclusive EF-PL mount adapter and support for the Varicam viewfinder.

Panasonic EVA1Two things are new here at Panasonic’s Inter Bee 2017 booth. One of the announcements involves a completely new product which might raise some eyebrows since we’re talking about a somehow impossible adapter, the other one is about the existing Varicam EVF which has been made available for the Panasonic EVA1 camera.

An EF-PL Mount Adapter

First things first. The mentioned adapter is an EF to PL adapter which just sits between a PL lens and the native EF mount of the Panasonic EVA1 camera. No physical tinkering with the lens and/or the camera body is necessary. Wait a minute. Such a simple adapter should be impossible due to the different flange depth of the two lens systems, right? I’ll hand over to cine lens mastermind Matthew Duclos who explains the issue here.

Panasonic EVA1

Angenieux Optimo 17-80mm T2.2 lens

Surprisingly this new EF-PL adapter presented by Sanwa cine rental company for the Panasonic EVA1 seems to do the trick but there’s a catch. It only works with one camera/lens combination: you now can throw an Angenieux 17-80mm T2.2 cine zoom on to the Panasonic EVA1 camera. This fact leaves me a little confused to be honest but as we learn from Panasonic’s Sae Nakatani this camera/lens combination seems to match. We’ll have to wait and see for ourselves once this adapter hits the market I guess. Another downside of this might be the price for the mentioned Optimo zoom lens: That one sells for well above $66,000.

Other companies already offer a solution for swapping the existing EF mount of the EVA1 for a native PL mount but since that procedure includes opening the camera housing, Panasonic makes very clear that this option will void the warrenty, of course.

Varicam EVF for Panasonic EVA1

The second announcement for today surrounds professional monitoring. The Panasonic EVA1 camera ships with an LCD screen, but without a dedicated viewfinder. This seems to be common sense for many camera manufacturers these days, but such a device is critical if you’re shooting documentary style or if you’re out and about in broad daylight on a regular basis. Panasonic heard the user requests and implemented support for the their Varicam EVF. Just like the Zacuto Gratical Eye you’ll need two cables, one plain BNC video connection and one 2-pin power cable which requires an outboard battery via D-Tap.

Panasonic EVA1While this monitoring device seems to be a very capable one, you’ll have to fork over a significant amount of cash in order to put it onto your EVA1 camera. We’re talking about $ 5,400 here. Just for context: The Panasonic EVA1 camera is $ 7,345 right now. I’ll leave it to you to decide if that’s overkill or not. The mentioned Gratical Eye is $ 1,950.

Are you planning on buying a Panasonic EVA-1? What do you think about these (pricy) updates? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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 Jeroen Damen Reply
Jeroen Damen November 20, 2017

The same system is used with SLRmagic’s APO prime cine lenses, meaning: you can fit these aswel. Or on any EF cam actually.

Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss November 20, 2017

Interesting, thank you Jeroen!
The question is: Are you still able to set focus according to the scale on the lens and, more importently, are you still able to obtain infinity focus correctly?


 Jeroen Damen Reply
Jeroen Damen November 20, 2017

Hey Olaf!

I had a problem at first with the original lens, the 50mm. I thought it wouldn’t hit inf. However, this was just the case with my ursa 4.6k EF. When i tried it on a C300 PL i found no issues actually. Real PL mount cams, are shim-able i guess or allow wider tolerances to start with. The guy i bought the 50mm off at ebay was almost in panic, as i wanted to return it to him. I decided to keep it anyways, as the performance and look is steller for the price, and 50mm doesnt seem like a lens that i will likely use at inf anyways.
Than i ordered the 25mm APO and it came with an assortment of shims. I found out you can shim the lenses, and when correctly shimmed, it just about hits the inf. Its a very thin line anyways, as the lenses are sort of nicely soft fully opened. At T2.4 they are magically perfect and the inf is good on my ursa.

I have not tried the adapter made by SLRmagic, which might be tuned a little better for inf performance right away.

BTW/ I have been asked to do a full review, and footage of the whole set soon. I you are interested i can trow you a link when its done. I did one footage sample already with just the 25mm and 50mm, and this led to SLRmagic wanting me to do one with the whole set. I am not sure im suppose to put links here, but if you are interested in checking that one out, i can post it. Or its quite easy to find on youtube, as there is hardly any footage to be found of these magical lenses.


Olaf von Voss Reply
Olaf von Voss November 20, 2017

yeah, sure! I’m curious how that review turns out, please feel free to share the link here in the comments!

 Jeroen Damen Reply
Jeroen Damen November 20, 2017

Here is the footage i shot for the 25mm and 50mm APO’s. When the new review will be made, i will let you know !