Edelkrone DollyPLUS – A New App Controlled Dolly System

Edelkrone, builder of sliders and other camera motion control accessories, introduced a new portable motorized dolly system at NAB 2018 called simply the DollyPLUS. Read on for all the details including a video interview with edelkrone founder, Kadir Köyme.

3-axis head unit.

The DollyPLUS is a hybrid system that combines the motion capabilities of a three axis head with motorized wheels — all while using your favorite tripod (tripod is not included in the kit). The system comes complete with the leg unit and the 3-axis head (pictured below). No word yet on camera compatibility, but the 3-axis head appeared to handle the weight of the Canon C200 well.

Edelkrone DollyPLUS

To control the system simply download the provided free app and start inputing a variety of movement commands including target tracking and facial recognition. For facial recognition, take a photo of your subject and upload into the provided app and the 3-axis head will track your subject. The three axis head working in tandem with the legs is capable of replicating many of the dolly moves you are used to, but without the need for an operator.

Powered by V-mount or gold mount batteries attached at the base, the edelkrone DollyPLUS breaks down into a compact tube for travel.

Leg unit of the dollyPLUS with gold mount battery.

The system seems capable of smooth movement on the flat carpet at the booth, but it will be interesting to see how the dolly works with less even surfaces. In the end, this Edelkrone DollyPLUS may be better suited in a studio environment where flat, even surfaces can be found. I can’t imagine using it on an old wooden floor or even outside.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing information isn’t available, but Kadir promises the price point will be well under competing products in this category. Availability is TBD.

Links: Edelkrone.com

What do you think? Is this something you would like to test in the field (or on a very flat surface, at least)? Share your thoughts in the comments below!