Dracast Flexible LED Panel – Portable and Flexible… Literally!

Introduced at NAB 2017, the Dracast Flexible LED Panel is a 1×1, V-Lock battery-powered fixture that bends to whatever use you may need. A bi-color option adds to the overall versatility, and its competitive price makes it particularly attractive. We caught up wth John from Dracast who gave us the rundown on these new panels.

At this stage in the game, the concept of the flexible LED panel is no longer a revolutionary innovation, and is starting to become a more popular variant of your typical 1×1 LEDs. With that popularity comes competition and a “race to the bottom” in terms of affordability. While the cost of other flexible panels from the likes of Cineroid or Kamerar can quickly add up, a complete set of Dracast Flexible LED panels could be very well within the realm of possibility for someone wanting to put together their first lighting kit.

Dracast Flexible LED Panel

The core of the system is the main control and power ballast. This main brick serves to mount the light as well as a V-Lock battery plate for power supply. Below it you can find a dial to adjust brightness, as well as one to control temperature between tungsten and daylight in the bicolour version. There is currently no plans to make a tungsten-only version.

Dracast Flexible LED PanelWhile this configuration could work perfectly well as a normal 1×1 fixture, the flexible nature of the LED frame thanks to its velcroed back allows you to easily remove the panel from the ballast and scrunch it up to fit any necessary nook and cranny, such as in car interiors. This means that the Dracast Flexible LED panel could find a home as easily in the kit of an ENG shooter who mostly does interviews, as in the arsenal of a filmmaker who needs to pull off creative shots.

An IP67 rating also makes this fixture capable of withstanding the elements up to a certain extent, highlighting the product’s flexibility not only in a physical sense, but also in its usability. Documentary filmmakers could very easily find a use for it in the field, especially thanks to its portability and light weight.

The ballast also has mounting points to attach a second fixture increasing the area of light, and the battery has enough juice to power two panels at the same time.

All these are great things to have in a light fixture, and a minimum CRI and TLCI of 95 makes them sound like a decent alternative. The best thing about them is the price: a single panel will only set you back $199, with a full set of three expected to go for $499. The 1×1 Dracast Flexible LED Panel will be available from June, with larger form considered for the future.

Will you be going flexible this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Wayne Lam

This is an affordable lighting kits and look forward more review. #Vancouverfilmmaker

 Juan Marin
Juan Marin

Output at 1m (3ft) lux???