Download & Grade Our Sony a6300 Footage – 4 Free LUTs by James Miller

Update: Head to our latest Sony a6300 reviews: lowlight test done by Nino and a comprehensive lab test done by Sebastian.

Grading is tricky. In fact, it is an artform in itself. In my original a6300 article, I graded the footage to my liking and although I supplied a link to an ungraded version (which was downloaded hundreds of times), I kept hearing concerns from some of our followers about the low contrast grade I did. This morning, James Miller, a friend and colleague of mine whose Deluts I used for grading my original piece stepped in. He sent me 4 LUTS which were created specifically for that project and this camera.


Please feel free to download those LUTs from here and grade the footage to your liking. The above video was re-graded very quickly using one of those very LUTs.

Once again, thank you to everybody who watched and commented on the original film link.


Sony a6300

Camera picture profile used in this video: S-Log 2. Shot mostly on 800 native ISO, Edited on Adobe Premiere CC latest edition. Here you can find additional LUTs by James Miller (DELUTS)

Music by musicbed. Title used : Your Favorite Song by Katrina Stone

A huge thank you to Katharina Almer and Cornelia Rimser for allowing me to document a day in their professional life. Please support them in finding a sponsor for their sportive activity!


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