DJI Ronin-S Gimbal Hands on

Last week we learned that the DJI Ronin-S gimbal price is set at $699 and will start shipping to the masses later this month. At Cine Gear 2018 our very own Nino Leitner had a chance to go hands on with the feature rich handheld gimbal. Video below: 

We should be getting the DJI Ronin-S for a full review soon, but our first impressions at the show were positive. If you’ve used other DJI products or gimbals, you’ll find the usage of the Ronin-S is fairly straight forward. You balance your supported camera on the gimbal and you are off to the races.

Ronin app, motion timelapses

Tons of fine tuning options are available in the free Ronin app (iOS or Android) and the app has a variety of features you’ve come to expect from past Ronin products and even other gimbals, but the ability to trigger your camera for motion timelapses seems especially useful.

Holding a one-hand gimbal

Holding the DJI Ronin S is a bit of a workout and I found myself using both hands to operate on the show floor. With 12 hours of battery life the gimbal battery may outlast your arm strength on an average shoot day — especially when using a DSLR like the Canon 1DX MK II. But, I expect we’ll see additional support accessories and dual handlebar versions in the future.

Focus wheel

A little knob on the side, helpfully labelled with the word “Focus”, allows operators the ability to focus Panasonic lenses mounted on a GH4 or GH5. DJI representatives did mention they are working on supporting focus functionality on the handlebar with other brands, but no word on timing.

I’m a fan of the easy to use DJI Osmo platform and the Ronin-S may be an excellent solution to fill the gap between the Osmo line and larger Ronin 2.

What do you think? Will the Ronin S be finding a way into your kit? Comment below!

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Yes, it definitely find it’s way into my toolbox as well. I am a fan of OSMO too, great, easy to use Gimbal with a good output. If Ronin S will work as stable as OSMO too, all set.

 Dan Hyman
Dan Hyman

Will definitely be adding this to the kit. Been looking for a single grip 3-axis for the 1DX II + 11-24mm for awhile now. Lots of trials and errors. We use the Ronin M now, but the smaller form factor will be huge!!! Looking forward to seeing their add-ons

RG Kissoon
RG Kissoon

Will you be able for with olympus lenses on panasonic bodies?

 Funky Punky Monkey Junk
Funky Punky Monkey Junk

While this is a bit of a bore because it’s another gimbal for rinky-dink cameras, this feature is embarrassing to Canon: “A little knob on the side, helpfully labelled with the word “Focus”, allows operators the ability to focus Panasonic lenses mounted on a GH4 or GH5”

FINALLY. But does the C200 have such a knob? NOPE, despite the fact that it’s a Canon camera with a Canon mount.

It is ridiculous to be bolting external contraptions onto lenses to focus them, when they have focusing motors INSIDE.


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