DJI Force Pro Wireless Gimbal Controller Hands-On

The Force Pro from DJI is a movement control system designed for use with gimbals. Built with the DJI Ronin 2 and Ronin-S in mind the system also supports other non-DJI gimbal systems via SBUS. See below for a hands on video with the DJI Force Pro


DJI Force Pro
More information on the Force Pro and on the new DJI Master Wheels can be found HERE.

DJI Force Pro

Mount the Force Pro on a handlebar like this one or simply hold the device in your hand and you can control the roll, tilt and pan of the DJI Ronin 2 from up to 1.8 miles away (10 ms latency) using a dual 2.4G Hz and 5.8 GHz wireless transmission. Adjustment dials on the top and the left side allow you to control the speed of each axis.

The handlebar configuration provides space for a monitor and wireless receiver and feels a little more natural to operate, versus simply holding the Force Pro in my opinion. You may also choose to control the Ronin 2 wirelessly with a thumb controller or on a tripod using the 1/4″-20 mounting threads (see right image).

A built-in 4750 mAh battery provides about five hours of runtime and is rechargeable through a USB-C port or DC-IN port, so external cell phone battery packs could keep the unit charged in the field. It takes 2,5 hours to charge the unit to full, however, so keep that in mind.

The Force Pro isn’t heavy and the intuitive menu isn’t tricky to navigate for a new user like myself. I couldn’t detect any delay while using the device in the Central Hall of NAB (a place filled with wireless interference).

Product video below:

Priced at $1,200, the Force Pro is more affordable versus other gimbal control solutions and it is available for pre-order now.

DJI has already shown a willingness to turn the Ronin 2 into a platform to build upon and that makes it a useful device for owner/operators looking for a gimbal with long-term support and continued updates. 

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