Deity Mira – Quality viewfinder for Canon C300 / 500

The Deity Mira viewfinder is an LCD loupe for the Canon EOS C300 and EOS C500 cameras offering a convenient, complementary solution for handheld and outdoor use.

Deity Mira
Deity MiraFilmmaker Sebastien Devaut has been closely involved in the development of the Deity Mira which was created with the quality demands of professional camera operators in mind. The device is made of high quality materials, precisely milled aluminum and two custom made glass elements. After a long development period it is finally beginning to be shipped out.

In light of other more affordable viewfinder loupes for DSLR’s the Deity Mira seems quite costly at first. Priced at $695 it is the most expensive unit of its kind.

But when you use the product like we did briefly at NAB, you realize there is a little more to it. The two glass components display a very clear and almost undistorted image and make great use of the camera’s built-in LCD which is considered to be quite good.

To find out if the Deity is the right loupe for you we recommend taking a look at one up close.

The Deity viewfinder can be ordered at your selected retailer or at their website: LINK

Deity Mira

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