Dedolight Introduces LedRama – Large Micro-Lens LED Studio Lights

Dedolight introduces a new kind of LED panel lights that is covered with an array of micro-lenses to improve light direction and focus as well as providing a higher light output.

LedramaDedolight is a company that is focused on creating high quality lights for professional cinematographers. They are known for their versatile and compact tungsten and HMI lights and their continuos efforts to invent new lighting solutions.

LedramaIn recent years Dedo has been working on making LED lighting available for professional applications. We saw their newest concept at Photokina this year, the LedRama Studio Light. The whole panel is covered by an array of micro-lenses that help focus the light correctly and offer an impressive light output over a large distance. Furthermore the light is very power efficient and according to Dedolight offers a very high color accuracy.

The LedRama light is for now only intended for studio applications as it weighs a shameless 40 pounds (19kg). We are looking forward to see this technology adapted for portable applications.
Pricing will start at $4000 when the LedRama becomes available next year.

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