ON THE COUCH – Ep. 19 part 4 of 4 – Philip Bloom, George Olver (Movidiam), Ryan Burke (Røde Microphones)

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In the 4th and final part of episode 19 of ON THE COUCH, we talk about the future of filmmaking with Philip Bloom, George Olver and Ryan Burke.
We briefly touched on George’s history and how he got into making Movidiam a reality. Then we moved on to Philip’s workshops and how he thinks workshop audiences and levels have changed over the past years – while we have moved on from DSLRs to more professional bigger cameras again recently, a lot people in different countries are still just starting out to shoot on DSLRs. The owner-operator conundrum, “should I buy the latest camera / piece of gear”? was our next topic, and the question if it actually pays off to buy gear in this fast-changing environment. Philip mentioned the Panasonic camera phone with a removable lens that we reported about in this post. Last but not least we also talked about the amazing high frame rate / slow motion capability of the iPhone 6 (Plus), and how we will end up with slow motion footage of the most boring stuff alongside surely amazingly unexpected content shot by the average Joe on YouTube.

Watch out for an entirely new ON THE COUCH episode next week, when I will welcome pro photographers Kamil Tamiola, Tom Barnes and Lucas Gilman to our talk show format!




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