ON THE COUCH – ep 19, part 3 – Ryan Burke (Røde Microphones), Philip Bloom, George Olver (Movidiam)

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In the 3rd part of episode 19 of ON THE COUCH, we talk about the importance of audio on a shoot. After all, audio is 50% of a film, but nevertheless, it’s often neglected in shooting environments especially by cameramen who are concentrated on created compelling images by their very nature. Ryan Burke from Røde, Philip Bloom and George Olver from Movidiam.com and I engaged in a compelling conversation about the reasons for this problem and also the difficulties of convincing some clients on smaller jobs that a sound person is actually pretty essential to have.


Ryan also talked about Røde’s new Stereo VideoMic X, a new heavy-duty on-camera mic designed to record a very immersive audio experience using a pair of true condenser capsules. We touched on where to actually use it as opposed to a standard shotgun mic, which is usually the go-to mic for many shooters on small gigs, when they have to do the audio themselves.

Check back in a week for the 4th and final part of this episode, where we talk about the future of filmmaking!




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